Thursday, July 29, 2010

Atlantis and Summer Fun

Summer is 1/2 way over and it's been a fun one for all of us. Ben and Alex are excited for our pool that should be finished up in 2 weeks, the babies have made great strides at pt and speech therapy, Chris is counting down the days for the Huskers to take over their new conference, and I'm happy that our house is finally getting closer to having our projects complete.

Our family gave a good plug to the National MPS Society by a recent full page article they did about "our favorite things". Everyone looked really cute in the picture, including Chris and I. ha ha!!

The babies have done really well at their 6 times/week PT, OT, Auditory and Speech therapy. It's amazing how much more social Dori is now that he has a couple of favorite words. He loves to sing and to be sung to, and he'll cheer for himself often when he does a great job. Wynn is doing well too, we're just trying to get him caught up in the 2-way communication game. They both fought a little bout of pneumonia and ear infections earlier this month but have recovered just fine.

We had a total blast in the Bahamas. I've attached a video here with our pictures and video we took. The boys loved it so much that Ben asked if we could move and live there forever. The babies did so fantastically well on the plane ride and were so relaxed and chill during all our trips to the pool, the markets, and the restaurants to eat. They were never fussy, only when it was time to go to sleep. We were so proud of them, we just might start jet-setting with them more often. It was very helpful to take Aury with us on vacation. She stayed with the babies at nap time while Chris and I ran around Atlantis with the boys and when we went out at night. Hopefully she had fun, too.

The babies continue to do great with all their appointments. Both of them got abdominal sonograms this week since their GI doctor felt something in their abdomens, but he didn't seem overly concerned... he explained that he wants a baseline sonogram to watch how they progress down there. We're still waiting to hear the results from that.

Ben and Alex have done a couple of camps this summer, and still have a couple of more camps to go. Chris is coaching Ben and Alex's football team, I'm getting ready for work this fall and coordinating the PTA "Meet The Teacher Night" next month. Everyone get ready... plans are underway to for the 2nd annual MPS Halloween party co-sponsored by our awesome neighbors. Come on down to visit ... the pool will have a lounge chair and a margarita with your name on it!!