Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dorian's Field Trip and Grandpa

Dorian had a chance to visit his teachers at Coyote Ridge Elementary. These are the wonderful teachers of the FLS (functional life skills) class that used to love on both Dori and Wynnie everyday. 
Don't let the screaming/crying face fool you. He managed to tell them "I love you guys" before we left. 

Those were good days when both babies would go to school. Dori would roam up and down the halls in his walker that he would propel himself by the strength of his own pedaling feet. Wynnie would snuggle with his teachers and make all his cute little noises. They both had their own little lockers. 
The teachers seemed really happy and grateful to see Dori; as was I. 

This week we continue to pray for Chris's dad who is in very critical condition. He is being transferred over to a skilled nursing facility either today or tomorrow where he can be properly attended to in comfort. Chris was there last week and flew out there again Monday of this week when it looked like his father may not make it through the night. We are prayerfully thankful that Chris was able to arrive in time and not only did Dave make it through the night, he is still with us. 
God is good and we continue to pray for his comfort and healing in the coming days. 
Here is a picture of them from our wedding in May of 1998. Thanks for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers, it means a lot to us.