Friday, September 21, 2012

Wife. Mom. Superwoman

Please look at this beautiful article written about our family in this new blog.  Feel free to begin following her blog updates, Diedre and her team do a fantastic job of with timely and relevant articles -- very entertaining and inspiring!

The blog is called "Wife.Mom.Superwoman."  It's a title all of us hard working mamas share.  Now where's my cape??? :)

Here is the link:

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Random Observations

Happy times on the floor
Ben and Alex's 1st day of 3rd Grade
Family picture day with Dave and Gerry

These are in no order... Just random thoughts I started writing this over a month ago about my 5 most favorite people :)

1.  Ben loves loves loves Luna. He is happiest when she is snuggled up on him while he watches TV and he announces to everyone in the room "look at Luna! What a good snuggler she is!!" and when she gets up his feelings are crushed. Luna thinks she is a lap dog. She weighs nearly 40 pounds so she is not small.

2.. Wynnie is the most laid back baby on earth. He is happy as long as he has a toy and as long as he is not constipated.  He is also the world's best cuddle bug. Ever.

3. Dori definitely needs to be in the middle of the action... Whether it's being held or being entertained or chasing his brothers or Luna around. If he doesn't feel he is in the mix, he will promptly and loudly let you know.  He is not ashamed to fake cry because fake cries work wonders :)  I wouldn't go as far to say that he is high maintenance, but....

4.  Dori is a one man musical show. Out of his 12-15 waking hours, he probably sings through 11 of them. I love it... He has music in his heart and mind all day long.

5.  It's funny to hear Ben and Alex have "man talk" with Chris at dinner. "so... How was your day at work Papi? Did you work on the computer and help people today?".  Also Chris taught them to "eat like men" means eating your pork chops with no utensils.  So every now and then, Ben will say "Can we eat like men tonight?"

6. Alex is very proud to have done boxing classes this summer.  He likes to show people his moves and he would like to box in the Olympics some day. He was the only kid in class so he thought that was neat to keep up with all the adults.

10.  Dori makes the best faces. The Stinky Winky and The Funny Face are perennial favorites.  Check out the video I embedded on the bottom of this and you'll see.

11.  Dori and Wynnie broke alot of hearts at summer school this year. I truly think Wynnie believes summer school was Snuggle Camp.  I'm glad they "failed" the assessment test that in turn proves they needed summer school. What's that mean? They qualified for summer school because it showed that their cognitive and physical progress made during the school year would be regressed if they did not do summer school. I know they loved the socialization aspect of it and they were always pooped after a long day of hard work at school.

12.  Ben and Alex have loved golfing with Chris this summer. It's male bonding at it's finest. I like how they spend fun time together -- whether it's shooting hoops, watching football games in the backyard or reading together.

13. When you change Wynnie's diaper, he likes to have his tummy smacked with the clean diaper. Sounds weird but he cracks up every time!

14.  Wynnie will be playing by himself on the floor and out of nowhere he will start busting out laughing. We have decided that his guardian angel is a comedian and is always trying new material on him.  His chuckles are contagious!

15. Dori's Occupational Therapist swears that in all her years she has never seen a baby that can roll around as quickly as Dori. She calls him the Torpedo.

16.  I thoroughly enjoy watching Chris coach the boys' football games.  He jumps up and down, he screams and he is the most animated coach I've ever seen.  The kids love it, and the parents do too.  He plays it up pretty good because I tell him it's pretty hot (hee hee hee!).

17.  The boys are enjoying the 3rd grade and the babies are enjoying their new school just a few minutes away.  The babies still have all their same teachers, classmates and therapists so there was no adjustment period for them.

18.  The babies are going to be FOUR years old next month!!!  It's unbelievable how well they have done and how happy they are.  We are truly blessed to  celebrate another love and laughter-filled year with them.

19.  Get your creative caps on and start planning your killer Halloween costume.  This year's annual Halloween bash to benefit the National MPS Society will have a dead celebrity theme.  I was going to mock up a Whitney Houston costume but I'm not mechanical enough to fashion a cardboard bathtub around me.  Politically correct?  Of course not!  Tons of fun in the name of a great cause?? Heck yeah!!  Mark your calendars and book your sitter... Friday Oct. 26th will be the big day!