Friday, September 12, 2014

Back to School Tango

"I have a supportive group of girlfriends, a great husband, and an understanding family.  The rest gets done with grit, spit and a whole lot of duct tape."  - Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts pretty much describes how stuff gets done in our family.  All the grit, spit and duct tape have all come together now that school is back in session.  It's nice to have Ben and Alex back on a routine, Dori is BEYOND excited on being a 5-day-per-week kindergartner (yes... KINDER!!), and Wynnie is happy to have the house as peaceful and quiet while all his crazy brothers are gone for the day.

This is my face on the first day of school (or at least how I felt)

As soon as we dropped off the boys we went to celebrate at iHop. 

Wynnie feels zen... the sweet sound of silence and tranquility during the day.

We tried a group picture on the 1st day of school but as you can see Dori was 2 seconds from being dropped. yikes! (don't worry he wasn't)

Here are my most favorite 5th graders in the whole entire planet!!

Here is Dori very proudly showing Papi his locker.  Wynnie has a locker right next to Dori's just in case he feels well enough to go to school. 

Wynnie is staying at home and will soon begin "Home Bound" school with the school district.  We much prefer this arrangement instead of taking him to school everyday and exposing him to potentially too much "stuff".  Also since their teachers have never had a child on portable oxygen before, we just felt it was best for him to stay home and receive one-on-one attention from the teacher that the school district will send out a couple of times per week once all the paperwork and approvals have gone through. 
And this is why Dori loves school so much ... 

Ben and Alex have decided to give soccer a try this fall.  They LOVE it!!!! They are undefeated (2-0).  Alex is the 1st half goalie and loves it.  Ben is such a fast runner that we are trying to get him to take advantage of his speed.  My father would be so proud of his grandsons playing soccer. The games are really fun because the moms do most of the screaming.  ha ha ha!  
Vamonos Benjamin! 

I'm searching for Hamburger Helper gloves for Alex. 

Their teammate scored a goal and it was a VERY dramatic celebration filled with lots of bravado and testosterone. 

Con ganas Alexajandro!!! 
We are very happy that the school year has started off very well for all 4 of our little men.  It's humbling and equally awesome to think that Dorian and Wynn will turn SIX years old next month!!!  God's grace and all our helpers have made it a smooth transition for us all.  We are extremely proud of Ben and Alex trying new things and opening their minds and hearts to new experiences and new friends around them.