Thursday, May 2, 2013

All back together again!

Since last Friday afternoon (April 26th) Wynnie joined us back home.  It was a long and very anxiety-filled 47 days, but his hospitalization is finally over.  Dorian was more concerned about eating than he was interacting with Wynnie when we brought him back home but he is very happy to have his twin brother back.

Ben and Alex give Wynnie kisses, and Ben continues asking if Wynnie is breathing ok.  Luna is back to giving Wynnie kisses too (or sniffing his diaper when nature calls).  As parents, Chris and I are so relieved to have all our children under the same roof and to bring a sense of normalcy back to our lives.

Wynnie has a big bucket FULL of new meds and needs an NG tube in his nose to help administer his medications that he gets throughout the day.  Due to his increased need of wearing a pulse oximeter, all his new meds and his NG tube, Wynnie qualified to receive his own home nursing.  Miss Margaret started working on Monday of this week and has been a wonderful help in keeping Wynnie's meds administration on time, doing his chest congestion therapy (CPT), his breathing treatments and feeding.

Viktoria is still on hiatus in Germany trying to get all her immigration things resolved so for now it's Chris and I working closely with the nurses to coordinate doctors appointments, sports practices, games and school stuff.  We're holding up pretty good so far but my coffee intake has skyrocketed.  Ha!

Chris is eating healthier and he and I are trying to get back to our svelte selves for the summer. Woop woop!!  So far he has lost 13 pounds in the past 1.5 weeks and I'm down 4 pounds.  It's nice not to have to cook 2 dinners anymore (one for him and the boys and one for me) because now we're all eating the same stuff.

This past week has been lots of snuggles and lots of family time because Wynnie's extended hospitalization was a  gentle reminder of how precious family time truly is.  We're grateful for Chris's parents for coming down to help us while the babies were hospitalized, my sister, Marcia, Viktoria, Claudette and our night nurses who helped us juggle it all doing those crazy 47 days.
Wynnie on his final day at the hospital.  

Dori enjoying the crisp spring air (and making his stinky face)

Wynnie enjoying quality mami time today