Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Perfect Little Poem

This poem is perfect in so many ways.  Dorian and Wynn have so much light in their eyes and radiating from their hearts... they are so easy to love!

January 29, 2013

Hi friends!  Welcome to another installment of random thoughts and observances from the mom bleachers from our little kingdom.  :)

Dorian and Wynn had their 1st ENT appointment in nearly two years.  This time Dr Peters told us that both of their ear tubes in their ears have fallen out, but on a scale of 1-5 (1 being nice precaution but not necessary and 5 being urgently needed) they rank as a 2.  Wynnie will move ahead with a 2nd sleep study now that Dr Peters ruled out needing his tonsils removed so within a few weeks Wynnie will eventually be written a script to sleep with a bipap.  Hopefully it won't take too long for him to get accustomed to it and he'll enjoy the more restful and less dangerous deep sleep for the benefit of his heart and his brain.

Ben's baseball team finished undefeated and he was excited to receive his trophy and a book about God's love for his children.  Ben takes every opportunity he can get to have fun at the skate park, so I've been capitalizing on those trips to bargain for more chores out of him to earn those trips.  It's amazing how helpful and how proactive he becomes at cleaning up when he knows the skate park is in his near future.  Ben has battled out some exciting games with Big Red basketball... Chris has his team playing "up" in the 4th grade division so they can face tougher competition and so far so good.  It's neat to see how tough and passionate our team is when the games get close.  I scream a lot in the name of cheering.

Alex is getting better and better at basketball, it's amazing to see what a difference a year has made.  He is super good at steals and is becoming a rebound wiz.  Alex's grades went from average to fantastic over these past few months.  We are so proud of how much pride he takes in his schoolwork and he enjoys his tutoring after school on Monday's with his teacher.

Dori has become a woman-lovin' cajun!  Claudette his nurse taught him to say "Hi Baby" but in a long southern bayou drawl so it takes him about 3 minutes to say "hiiiiiiiii baaaaaaayyyyybeh".  When he thinks your not being engaging enough he gives you suggestions for what to say.  "I love you Dorian!" is his favorite suggestion, and last night he told Chris "Hi Dorian... how was your day?  Gooooooood".  Chris said that Dorian is really good at carrying on two-way conversations all on his own.... it's nice that he takes the pressure off of people.  He is also constantly calling out Luna and Wynnie to see what they are doing.  Dori's power chair is still stuck in approval mode so no chair yet. :(

Wynnie is doing great... both he and Dorian have the sniffles but he is doing great.  He likes to scoot over to pull Dori's hair while Dori is doing therapy.  Wynnie was released from therapy due to "lack of progress" (aka -- health insurance won't pay for home-based therapy [PT, OT and Speech] unless each quarterly evaluation shows real progress in development) so that is Wynnie's way of saying "STICK IT HUMANA!"  Dori actually likes it and when he doesn't feel Wynnie behind him he'll stop working with the therapist and start looking around calling out for Wynnie.  It's so cute.

Chris continues to do very well at work and will not brag so I'll brag for him --- he is consistent in the top 1 -2 -3 spot in his whole company when it comes to production in the wealth management side.  He loves mentoring and motivating people so his team is very blessed to have him.  It's cute because nobody at work calls him by his name -- he is known as "Coach" to everyone.  You can take the college basketball coach out of the gym but you can't take the coach out of him.

I continue to thank Viktoria over and over for coming back from Germany after taking a month off to visit her family. The new year has brought lots of new adventures in her life and we're proud that she'll be attending UNT (University of North Texas) as she pursues a degree in Social Work.  She continues to post videos and acquire many fans on her YouTube channel.  We enjoy watching them although since they are all in German we can only guess what she is saying based on her actions and expressions.  January has been a slow month for work for me but next month I hit the road again for speaking engagements.  So thankful for my clients and bureaus that book me  -- there's no magic without having a stage to reach out to people.

I felt compelled to update about our family today because another i-cell baby, Julian, earned his angel wings earlier today.  He was just a little over 1.5 years old and lost his battle to a respiratory infection.  We've had 2-3 close calls with other i-cell babies in our support group that were hospitalized in serious condition this past month, so it always hits a sobering blow when we lose a fellow i-cell angel on earth. We are so thankful that after 4 years the babies continue to thrive and bring us much happiness!  Thank you Lord for all your blessings!

This was yesterday, Dori was making Wynnie laugh.