Monday, October 31, 2016

October 2016

Dorian new favorite song of the moment is Bruno Mar's "24 Karat".  The first time he heard it he couldn't keep still; he was stomping his legs and tapping his hands on his tummy.  So we surprised him with a 24 Karat-themed birthday party.  The party lasted all of maybe 5 minutes because he just wanted to go down for a nap, but he's been enjoying all the love and attention from everyone asking him about his birthday for the past couple of weeks.  He started telling everyone that he was going to be 9.  Then he'd laughed and say he was going to really be 8.  Dorian makes 8 look GREAT!

Then later that night we co-hosted the 8th Annual Halloween Spooktacular.  We had a fantastic turnout!  Over 50 people came and danced the night away.  Everyone really outdid themselves with their costumes this year, it was a great time.  Most importantly, we were able to raise a nice amount of funds for Make-a-Wish North Texas.  It's nice to see that because of the generosity and loving hearts of our friends and families, other kids in North Texas will be closer to getting their wishes granted.  

Seventh grade is whizzing by quickly for the boys. It's unbelievable that November is here already!  Last month we were able to take them to Chicago for the Nebraska/Northwestern game with our friends the Bargens and the Fitzgeralds from Nebraska.  That was a blast!  

Chicago fun! 

Last month was also Nenita's QuinciaƱera in San Antonio.  So much fun!

Both Ben and Alex will be playing basketball for their 7th grade team at school starting in a few weeks.  We're proud of Alex for signing up, he hasn't played basketball in quite a few years.  Ben is nearly finish with the Wolf Pack basketball season.  Alex stepped up and joined the G.H.O.L. committee (Get High On Life).  Last week was their big red ribbon week (after many weeks of preparation) and Alex had a blast doing all his skits and having Chris be the keynote speaker for the culmination of the week's activities.   

Dorian has really turned a corner when it comes to his schooling.  His teacher and speech therapist always leave so happy on how well he has been doing.  He anticipates cause/effect better, he is recognizing his sight pictures/words more and he is even successfully joking around about certain words and numbers with Miss Carolyn in a very intentional way.  He makes us so proud! 

Here is a picture of the boys right before they had their 7th/8th grade school dance.  Both boys were extremely nervous about the girl situation but when Chris picked them up they were all super excited and asked when the next dance would be.  
7th Grade Boys

Chris as the infamous Pablo Escobar, I was super star Whitney Houston in a bathtub. 

Freeze!  You have the right to remain adorable!  Dorian is a police officer this year.