Sunday, February 1, 2009


We've been very grateful on how generous our friends have been to us.  We are so blessed to have so many great people in our lives.  I realized today as I looked around during this 1st half of the Super Bowl game.  Dorian and Wynn are wearing new outfits given as gifts, Ben and Alex are watching a Tom and Jerry dvd that were given last week, I drank a sip of Kahlua shipped from friends in Maryville (yes... they know my kryptonite), and Chris is enjoying the company of one of our neighbors who invited him over to watch the super bowl.  

From our friends that have been to visit (both our friends in town and also those that have come from far away), the Phi Mu's that continue to spoil us with yummy dinners, the play dates friends have arranged for Ben and Alex, and all the thoughtful calls, emails and cards that we receive on a weekly basis -- you all have made us feel that we are the luckiest people on earth.  You all are priceless.  

Everyone has had a good couple of weeks since the last update.  Dorian has done well enough with eating his thickened formula that we pulled the feeding tube out of his nose earlier this week.  Dorian has become quite the crowd pleaser -- he loves to smile and make puppy dog eyes to Chris and I.  About a week and a half ago he started intentionally smiling so that is a fun milestone to be a part of.  He also does a great job with following objects.  He looks like he is itching to start grabbing things.  

At our last Scottish Rite appointment -- Wynn's hands and wrist flexibility had improved quite well according to the doctor.  Dorian's hands and fingers are stiffer than Wynn's, but she did see a little improvement, so we're happy.   Wynn loves to coo and he is very sociable. He likes to be talked to and cuddled as often as possible.  

The babies have been busy busy busy with their firsts.  They went to the park with their big brothers yesterday for the first time, they went to the mall when Hayley, Jaymie and Stacy came to visit, and I started prepping them for their first TV appearance they'll be doing for an interview the boys, Chris & I will do for work stuff (my work stuff) with Univision (the Spanish language channel).   I guess there is not much prepping a 3 month old needs to be on TV... just be as cute as they normally are.  So that won't be hard for them. 

So as I watch the super expensive commercials during this super bowl game, it makes me thankful that our friends make us feel like one in a million.  

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