Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cardiology and Respiratory Update Feb. 2010

The babies had a cardiologist visit last due to our pediatricians concerns on Dorian’s heart murmur sounds getting worse. Chris had to take the babies by himself since I was en route to the airport for a couple of presentations in Rapid City, South Dakota.

After doing a few rounds of tests, Wynn’s results came back well. No need to increase his dosage of Enalipril.

Dorian’s results were concerning to the cardiologist. She agreed with our pediatrician that his heart is indeed leaking at a worse level than it was before, and his left ventricle has enlarged more too. Since his heart is not functioning properly, this may be the culprit of his breathing difficulties (more on that later). First line of action is to add a Diuretic to his regimen. The combination of his heart working too hard and breathing problems make heart failure a high risk for him our pediatrician stressed, so we are moving aggressively with meds to help alleviate the workload on his heart. We’ll try this for three months and see where we go from there. Big prayers for Dorian’s ticker please!

Dorian went through another sleep study last week with a cpap (oxygen mask on his face). He totally HATED it. All night long he either cried or tried to yank the mask off. And I don’t blame him! Between 8:30 PM – 5:30 AM he literally only slept well for maybe 1.5 hours total. We should be hearing back about the results sometime this week. More than likely he’ll need to sleep with this cpap mask to be able to get enough oxygen to his heart, brain, etc.

Both babies are really jabbering away… when I’m working downstairs in the study it’s funny to hear them yap yap yap away with Anna. Oh yeah, Anna and the babies spend all their time upstairs now since we are getting new flooring and a new island in our kitchen. Too much dust and commotion for the babies downstairs so they have moved up to the penthouse level in the room next to Ben and Alex, ☺

Both babies are sprouting their teeth (little nubs of teeth actually) and they enjoy chewing on everything to make their mouth feel better. We still have some issues of both babies bleeding out of their ears so we’ll be seeing the ENT soon to get to the bottom of that. Dorian is loving to move around on his tummy and flipping over, and he is very stealth about it. There is nothing stealth about Wynn… he is content with hogging up as much attention as possible and he’ll let you know it without hesitation. So we send Ben and Alex on a lot of “Go talk to Wynn” missions if we’re tied up with Dori. They are just so darn cute and funny!

Alex started Kumon yesterday to work on his writing and math (Kumon is an afternoon learning center, and our neighbor 8 houses down from us owns the Kumon center less than a mile away from our house). Alex loved it! He said his tutor thought he was in 2nd grade. That made him feel very smart and proud. Ben will take a break from Kumon until summer since he tested two levels higher than average. I’d like to say he gets that from me (ha ha.. jokes!). Both boys started football yesterday on a new team in a new league. It’s still fun to watch Ben at boxing, he is enjoying it once he gets there but he complains about going. We’ve been chanting “USA” a lot at home watching the Olympics with the babies upstairs. Anna is hooked on the Olympics, so I’m glad I have someone to always watch it with. Ben and Alex had a blast at their birthday party a couple of weeks ago. They got lots of neat stuff and most especially enjoyed hanging out with their friends. We’re really proud of our big boys… they always have a ton of questions, always argue with each other like two cranky old men, but always show us and the babies all sorts of love.

Alex’s funniest/sweetest thing he said to me yesterday: I was dressed up to give a speech in downtown Dallas yesterday morning. While they were eating breakfast Ben asked where I was going and I told them “I have to give a very important speech in front of 1,200 people all by myself!” Ben’s eyes opened real big and Alex closed his eyes. He opened his eyes back up and said “Mami, I’m so proud of you that when I closed my eyes I cried a little.” I busted out laughing, it was so funny and sweet!! I guess he gets that from me because when I’m proud of them I start bawling!

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