Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cardio Update

Dorian and Wynn had their cardiologist follow-up this morning. The good news is that although the leaks in their heart are getting worse, both babies have relatively good cardiac function. These little guys have managed to keep their hearts working fairly well despite everything. There's no doubt that Dori and Wynnie are our lil heroes.

The doctor bumped up their meds to account for their weight gain since the last time they saw her. Dorian has a moderate mitral valve leak, and a mild aortic valve leak. Wynn has a moderate aortic valve leak as well.

Tomorrow we have a new home-based pediatric therapy company coming out to do an assessment. Although we have very close to our current OT & Auditory Therapy therapists, we have decided to go with a new therapy agency for OT, Speech, Cognitive Development and finally adding PT to the mix. We'll keep our current Auditory Therapist. Wynnie just LOVES her and she does such a wonderful job with him that I don't think he'll let her go anywhere. But want to get more frequency of therapy and also challenge the babies more in getting them to maximize their mobility, and our current agency just has a different philosophy on that than we do.

Our CPS case has been officially closed from our 1st sleeping nurse, so that is nice. Although I caught another nurse totally sound asleep on the babies' bedroom floor - I decided to NOT tell the agency because then we'd have to go through all that stuff again and we don't have the spare time to entertain yet another CPS investigation due to another nurses incompetence. On an unrelated note, that same sleeping nurse (#2) later had her car vandalized in front of our house ( along with 4 other cars on our street) and she hasn't been back (strange since our neighborhood is by no means the "hood"). Aside from me having to walk over her sleeping-self to help Wynn who was crying, she is usually a pretty good nurse so I didn't want to fire her.

We are all getting adjusted to our new au pair, Aury. Ben keeps asking when Anna is coming back and he is giving Aury the same cold shoulder he gave Anna the first 4-5 months she was here. In fact, I was sadly surprised when the boys tore her room up -- lotion all over her mirrors, squirted water all over her floor and bedding, and her cell phone ended up in a puddle of water. What vandals Chris and I have!! ha! They had to apologize and have been grounded this past week for their "crimes". I asked them tonight "Ok guys, you won't get in any more trouble that you're already in, but I want you to honestly tell me why you did those mean things in Miss Aury's room." Ben still swears he had nothing to do with it and that he was only trying to clean up Alex's mess. Alex explained to me he found a water bottle and his brain just kept telling him to squirt squirt squirt. Riiiiiight. Darn brain!! I had to try my best to not crack a smile when he was telling me this.

Teaching Sunday School (CCD) is over for the summer so it was nice to sleep in and not do a darn thing this Sunday with all my boys. Chris is coaching basketball for Ben, Alex and Ben finished up football, and Alex keeps doing well at his Kumon tutoring place. Lots of big milestones this upcoming month. This weekend Chris and I celebrate 12 years of marriage! Then next month Chris turns the big 4-0. I was asking the boys what we should get him for his birthday and they said "Let's get him a lego set." I don't think Chris wants to step on any more legos barefoot in the middle of the night so we'll be thinking of something else.

We are all doing well and enjoying the idea that we'll be in the Bahamas next month with the 4 kiddos enjoying some peaceful family time. Chris was telling the boys that this trip would be Dori & Wynnie's 2nd time in the Bahamas since the last time we went I was 3 months prego with them. Ben and Alex got a kick out of that. We have lots to be thankful for and we'll have plenty of reason to celebrate while we're there. Thank you all for keeping up with us and we hope your families have a great start to your summer as well. Come and visit!

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  1. Thank you for the updates! You guys are 2 wonderful parents with 4 wonderful boys! I keep thinking about your annniversary as well since ours is on June 5th, just after you and it is 12 years. We miss you guys lots and hope to see you soon. We might just have to make a trip to TX next year!