Saturday, April 2, 2011

No Foolin, it's April Already!

Ben with his masterpiece, "Ben Golden Adventure"
Alex with his masterpiece, "The Amazing Case"
Wynnie enjoying his 1st football game of the season
Proof of Dori's bullying ways!

This was "test" week for the babies. They had their OT, PT and Speech evaluation reviews. They have to do reviews every 6 months to prove to insurance that the babies are progressing enough and needing still therapy enough to justify therapy coverage. Plus, it's important for us as a team (we as parents and the therapists) to reset our goals for what milestones we want them to achieve for the next round of reviews.

For speech, the Dori has proven to be teachers pet! He has the verbal and communication understanding of a 1-1.5 year old. Go Dori! The therapist did note that when he wants to responds but doesn't know what to say, he falls back to his favorite word of "Hi". That's ok, I say "uh" to fill in the silence sometimes so that is fine. :)

Wynnie is catching up now that he more consistently wears his hearing aids. He is trying really hard to physically imitate when people are gesturing and talking around him and his aggressive at trying to get your attention if he thinks your not focusing on him. Although his verbal isn't as advanced as Dori, he is still a man with a message. He ranks around the communication skill of a 6 month old. Better than last time so we're happy.

For occupational therapy (hands and upper body stuff) Dori is around a 9 month old. We are challenging him more with grabbing his own toys and reaching for what he wants. Wynnie is around a 6 month old.

For physical therapy (lower body and sitting), the categories are graded pretty "hard", I asked them if they could score the babies on the curve. NOPE! Dori can sit independently, but it doesn't count because he can only do it for a minute or two and with a boppy around him, so he scored a zero on sitting. But even though the graded them pretty tough, Dori's leg and back stability graded him around a 5-6 month old, and Wynnie was around a 4 month old. We need to get him to have better head control before he can move onto more complicated body functionality. He gets his big nugget from Ben :)

The babies saw their pulmonologist and he was so happy to see how good the babies are and that they are breathing so well and have had a relatively perfect winter (respiratory wise). Yay!!
We are so proud of Ben and Alex. They had a author's reception for the books they wrote. Ben dedicated his book to his family, Alex dedicated his book to his class. Both boys got on stage to say that so we practiced and practiced. They spoke so confidently!!! Ben even crossed his arms like he was rappin it. So cute! Professional speakers of the future??

Alex is a flag grabbin fool at football... he is a BEAST!! Ben is trying to find his groove on the line and as the season progresses we know he'll be back to being a major force on that line. They love their team and so far we are 1-1. Go Bears!

Our hearts are very heavy for lil Ethan from Minnesota. He was another i-cell baby who was hospitalized a few days ago for RSV. He was having a very hard time breathing. His mommy whispered in his ear that he could go and within the hour he passed away in his parents arms this morning. The news hit me like a truck... our prayers and love are with his parents and extended family. I'm so sad to know that people have to go through this, I hope they have a good support system to help them through the days ahead. In the meantime, we'll keep spoiling our babies rotten, and taking them everywhere we can so they can enjoy everything life has to offer.

Check out this video... it's Ben doing his nightly ball handling drills with Chris. Ben didn't know I was recording him from my laptop in my office. This little kid is so determined, his gumption always inspires me!

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