Friday, June 29, 2012

Wynnie laughing with Ben

Introducing Mr. Chuckles!
Enjoying our 1st sail as soon as we arrived to hotel from airport

Here's another fun little video.  Ben put on Chris's shoes and was stomping around... Wynnie thought it was the funniest thing on the planet.

The babies started summer school last week in The Colony.  They are happy to be around their old friends from school and are expanding their social circle by meeting new teachers.  Last week was the first week of the summer that Ben and Alex didn't go to any camps so they finally enjoyed a lazy week of summer of looking for playmates, asking if they can play video games, and claiming boredom until creativity strikes and they are on to their next adventure.

Last week Chris and I escaped to St Lucia for 5 days to enjoy some much needed together time and some nice sunshine.  Our highlights included taking 2 catamaran sails, visiting the grand Piton mountains, snorkeling, paddle boarding, spa treatments and lots of great food and drinks.  We stayed at an all-inclusive so it was very nice to get as many spa treatments, snacks and drinks as we wanted without worrying about a budget.  Chris celebrated his birthday by smoking a big fat cuban cigar so I think he had fun.  The only downside was when I showed Ben and Alex the picture of Chris smoking, they freaked (Red Ribbon week at school has indoctrinated them VERY well about the dangers of smoking and drinking).   We had a blast and it was nice to come home refreshed and ready to enjoy the 2nd half of the summer with the 4 boys.

Luna started puberty this week and it's been "interesting" explaining it to Ben and Alex.  Ben keeps on saying she is gonna "poop out her babies".  It's been a hoot!

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