Wednesday, June 5, 2013

One month later

It's been a little over a month since Wynnie has rejoined our home after his hospitalization and we could not be more thankful!  It took him almost exactly a month to be back to his normal social self.  He is babbling, smiling and laughing.  You can catch him razzing with his lips and he loves sticking things in his mouth again to chew.  He is still not quite 100% physically but we re-enrolled him into physical therapy and occupational therapy.  He regressed after being in a hospital bed so long in both movement and in feeding skills, so both of these home-based therapists have been helping him rebuild his strength.  It's inspiring to see him work hard ... like he is Rocky!!  : )  Yesterday he went back to school for the 1st time since February.  The teachers were all SO excited to hug and snuggle with him,  he even had teachers/therapists who came by the school on their day off to see him

Speaking of Rocky, Ben has turned into a muscle-craving athlete.  He is busy with baseball and basketball and is VERY much looking forward to the summer. About two months ago he became inquisitive about getting abs and it has progressed to a healthy preoccupation of his.  He is most definitely the most competitive person in this house.  The morning his school hosted Field Day competition, he disappeared into the garage for 10 minutes during breakfast. When he came back out of breath he told me he had been lifting Alex's bike to help make his muscles strong for field day.  Then when I showed up to see them compete, I saw Ben with his arms crossed eyeing down the 2nd grade Tug-a-War finals (knowing that his grade was up NEXT!).  He saw me and with a serious look on his face he just shook his head and said "I shoulda worn my cleats".

Alex has decided to step away from basketball and focus on football.  If you watch a pro or college football game with him, he'll make the calls before the refs do... he is pretty knowledgable about the rules.  For someone whose nicknamed Sweet Pea, you'd be surprised at how tough and focused he is when he suits up and hits the field.  He plays with heart and is encouraging to his teammates.  He also started to write a book, a fake autobiography about a teenage soldier in the American Revolution but that only lasted a day.  Maybe I'll get back to writing MY book this summer and he and I can write at the same time and motivate each other while we both type away at Starbucks!!  I truly have 6 dang chapters written and professionally edited so it's only a matter of time that I get back on track.

Dorian loves continue being an entertainer.  Over the past couple of months he has learned a couple of new dramatic faces and does this very drowsy eye thing when he pretends he is sleeping (but secretly he is looking at you).  He zips around the house on his scooter, and LOVES playing on our iPad.  His favorite app is Talking Tom and he carries on full blown conversations with Tom the cat.  The other day he played it for an hour and a half!!

Tomorrow is the last day of school for our 4 boys.  Ben and Alex are super excited to relax this summer and I am searching for fun things to do with them for the next few months.  The babies will go to school starting in July like they did last summer.  Since they "regress" when they are not in school, they qualify for extended year schooling through our school district.  I'm glad they go because it keeps them sharp, provides them more school based therapy, and it gives me private time with Ben and Alex.

Wynnie loves to giggle with us

Alex & the babies ran their 2nd 5K with Viktoria while I ran my 1st 10K!! It was to run for Moore, OK Tornado relief at Cooper Craig Ranch. 
This is Wynnie working hard lifting his noggin at his 1st post-hospitalization PT session. He looks so determined!  We are proud of him!!! 

To celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary last month, Chris surprised me with a trip to Vegas for the Mayweather fight.  Watching a championship boxing event in Vegas has been on my bucket list for the past 10 years, so I was SO happy and thankful to share that big milestone with him!  
Chris has been eating really healthy and has lost 20 pounds!  Now I'm not the only one eating roughage and he looks like one HOT TAMALE!!! I'm so proud of him!

Ben and Alex could raise their heads and stay in this position at 6 months of age.  At age 4.5, we are so excited to see Dori flex his muscles and maintain it for a good few seconds finally.  Way to go DoDo! He also likes to say his last name now.... it sounds so cute.

handsome fella 

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