Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer School and Blind Driving

This past Wednesday was Dori and Wynnie's last day of summer school.  Here is a picture of them with their lead teacher, Mr. Miller.  Dori has been very upset since school ended because now he doesn't have a specific place to go every morning.  He keeps asking anyone who has a set of wheels if they can take him "bye bye."  Whether it's the therapists, the nurses or friends that come to visit, Dori is always trying to hitch a ride out of here.

Last day of summer school 
"Me and My Shadow"

Ben is always on the quest of the perfect picture of Luna snuggling with him.  This is as good as we could get the other night.

I finally was able to capture a video of Dori driving with his eyes closed for his therapist.  Notice how he squints his eyes and pretends like they are closed.  What a stinker!  That's why we have so many dings and chipped paint around the house...wreckless driving.   

Just a couple more weeks until all 4 boys head back to school and our normal routine will be back on track.  Chris is busy studying to finish he CFP this fall, September is busy for me with a couple of speaking engagements and business travel, plans are sprouting for our annual MPS Halloween party, and the boys are getting geared up for basketball and football season to start in just a couple of weeks.  Chris is doing all his Husker research and getting ready for football season to begin and I can't wait for temps to drop just a little so I can start training for my half marathon.  Fall has lots of fun things in store for our family!  If you are in the neighborhood, just stop on by any random Saturday and you'll find us all in the backyard watching college football.  Don't be a stranger... Dori would love to show you his mad driving skills!  

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  1. I enjoy reading your blog Mercedes! And next time I am in Plano visiting my sis...I would love to take you up on that offer to see Dori's mad driving skills!(and love on that sweet Wynnie too of course!) :)