Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

1st Rule of Crime... deny, deny, deny!

Wynnie likes to snuggle when he watches football

The most entertaining part of the Nebraska vs. Wyoming game was the photo bombing 

Happy Labor Day weekend!  I hope everyone has had a restful and fun past few days.  We kicked off our weekend with good old steak and eggs and enjoyed Saturday watching football games. It's one of Chris's happiest days of the year -- kickoff day. We hosted our 5th annual football watch party and our friend Scott smoked ribs, beef brisket and pork shoulder. It was SO delicious!!  We had a fun time watching games and catching up with all our friends.  

Alex has started his process in getting braces for his underbite. This past week he had his temporary spacers placed to make room for his jaw extender next week.  Then for his 3rd visit he'll actually get the braces on.  Woo hoo!!!  This is all new to us since neither Chris nor I ever had braces.

Not much going on... babies are enjoying being back on their school schedule (4 days/week for 2.5 hours a day), Ben and Alex are excited for the iPads they'll be getting from their school next week, Chris is busy studying for his CFP, and I'm getting back in motion with work.  September will be a busy month for all of us with football, work travel and school -- but that's what makes September so much fun. 

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