Friday, October 4, 2013

Healthy Noggin, Happy Parents!

Only Chris knows that I was really upset 2 weeks ago when the possibility of Wynnie's shunt having failed had come into the conversation with our pediatrician.  Not only was I upset, I was straight up bawling and Chris had no clue why I was upset and who's fault it was that I was crying.  Sometimes I actually feel sorry for men having to navigate through their wife's emotions.  A shunt failure is very bad news with lots of implications that I didn't want to deal with.

Today our neurosurgeon confirmed the most greatest news -- the shunt is working just fine.  There is no indication of swelling or cranial pressure.  What does that mean?  Wynnie is not living in constant pain with throbbing headaches.  I had to ask her three different ways because she was talking lots of neuro lingo and for as smart and Chris and I like to think we are -- I had no idea if she was telling us good news or bad news. From reading Chris's facial expressions, I don't think he knew either.  Once it got through my thick skull that everything was ok, it felt like a huge relief!  Not only is his shunt working well, it's actually ok for him to have a little bit of fluid in the brain to help cushion everything.  What we thought was maybe worsening hydrocephalus in the scan was just his normal fluid (considering all his other underlying conditions) for him.  His head has actually slightly decreased in size (which is proof his brain isn't swelling like it was before the shunt operation)

Thank you Wynnie for giving our family a big victory today!  Thank you for letting us rest our minds from worry.  Any minute wasted on worrying is a minute wasted on enjoying you Wynner.  

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