Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Fun

All 4 boys have been enjoying their summer so far. Dori will start his summer session of school in a couple of days. Wynnie will be taking the summer off and relaxing at home. Ben and Alex are in "mami school" and according to Ben it's torture. We bought them 5th grade curriculum books and are doing about 1-1.5 hrs of work Monday- Friday. After grading their work then they are free to play for the rest of the day.  Honestly it's not fun for Chris and I also but hopefully all our efforts will get them ready for the 5th grade :)

We have caught World Cup fever cheering on our 2 favorite teams. The games are always more fun when you watch them with others... For the USA games we've gone to Buffalo Wild Wings with our friends and for the Colombian games we've gone to the Colombian restaurant in Carrollton. It's been fun and the boys have really enjoyed it!  Today we'll be watching the Colombian game at home.

 Dori was trying to wake up Wynnie from his nap to no avail. 
It's hard to take a serious picture with these two crazy boys. 

No jitters for Dori on first day of summer school :)

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