Thursday, June 18, 2015

I Can Feed Myself!

If you have ever heard Dorian say "I can feed myself" it's true!!  His occupational therapist Miss Rhonda recorded his awesome skills today. Look at him go! Click here

Here's some pictures of him playing lately too. He's had a good couple of weeks. He is on Zyrtec to help control his coughing. Some days it makes him super sleepy so we only give it to him at night so that he doesn't sleep all day.

The boys enjoyed sports camps this week at SMU. Their favorite part was having Chris drive them down there every day... Lots of guy talk and lots of Alex singing along to the car tunes. Ben went up to Coach Larry Brown and told him "My papi came to you camp when he was my age" and without skipping a beat coach Brown responded "Yes I remember him!" Cute since Ben doesn't look like Chris at all 😄. Chris was only a little kid when he went to his camp but that was nice that Ben had the chance to meet him and shake his hand. 

Alex enjoyed the all-boys soccer camp at SMU, and had bonus swim time at the university pool in the afternoons once the kids were worn out from playing soccer in the heat. Both boys were really careful and picky about what they wore to camp. They even didn't complain about taking long baths/showers after camp. I hope a "pride in personal hygiene" trend is developing!!! Ben made comments about the college girls walking around campus so maybe that is why😍. 

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