Monday, July 6, 2015

Dear Ben and Alex

Please read this Ben and Alex... This describes our family and YOU and your big hearts perfectly:

Like last night when we were going to watch the women's World Cup final game and Ben said "aren't we gonna bring Dori into the room with us?" And when we were cheering for Dori Ben started cheering for Wynnie too (to remind us that Dori isn't our only little one... Ben is always "what about Wynnie?" to not leave him out.)

Or for example while we were on vacation and Ben and Alex were talking about what's the first thing they'll do with Wynnie once they see him in Heavem. Or Alex walking by Dori and returning Dori's "hi" and giving him a quick kiss or a pat on the head as he walks on. You boys make us so proud and we just don't tell you enough. 

We had blast learning and having fun in the east coast these past few days. It was awesome to watch the fireworks on the 4th right behind the Lincoln memorial.   The best part was once the fireworks ended people started chanting "USA! USA!" 
All the boats relaxing all day waiting for the fireworks show. We passed and waved during our boat trip to Alexandria, Va. 
Date night in DC ... Had the best brisket nachos! Realize that we are too old to know all the "micro brews" and speciality beers that all the young folk drink. We'd order millers or buds and they'd look at us like we were aliens. 

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