Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dorian's Make-a-Wish came true!

If you click on this link you will see the short video I made of Dori's Make-a-Wish that happened yesterday.  What a magical day for our entire family!!!


Dori had such a blast!! 
Here is a group picture of Dori, Neyo and Dori's extensive entourage.  For being a grammy winning mega-star, it's amazing Ne-Yo only came with one person.   Dorian's entourage was bigger :)  
Within 2 minutes of Ne-Yo leaving, Dori had partied his pants off and was exhausted from all the excitement.  Our family will forever be grateful to the Make-a-Wish foundation staff and Ne-Yo and his management team for making this happen so quickly.  We are FANS for LIFE!!! 

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