Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday

Happy of happiest 7th  birthdays sweet Dorian and angel "boo boo bear" Wynnie!! It seems like these 7 years have flown by but it also seems like the babies were first brought home from the NICU ages ago. Today has been a very happy day for Dori. He had home school this morning and played with his nurse Magahn, then once the boys came home from school we all went with Marcia to
Gloria's to eat. We celebrated both Dori and Marcia's birthday by letting him eat all the black beans he wanted.

Today we also are sharply reminded how much we miss Wynnie. This is the first brthday without having them both here, but we know that he and his love are here in spirit.

This past weekend we, along with our friends, hosted our Halloween Spooktacular. This year all the funds raised went to the North Texas Make-a-Wish Foundation. We are overjoyed in knowing that all our friends had a nice time and through everyone's donations we we broke our fundraising record! So happy to know those donations will help make so many children's wishes come true!

Here Dori is concentrating on his black beans.  He had no interest in taking pictures, he was 100% focused on the beans. 

He was playing peek-a-boo with Alex for a while. 

Dori enjoyed listening to the music that was playing on the restaurant patio.  
Some fun old pics of Wynnie that I found on my computer

I always loved putting different hats on Wynnie.. he didn't seem to mind usually.  He was always so busy making fun noises and laughing.  Sweet boy!  

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