Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Happy start to 2017!

Christmas and the new year came and went in a flash and I can't believe it's already mid February.  In fact today happens to be my mom's birthday.  She would have been a youthful 79 years old today. Ben and Alex also are still floating around in their post birthday celebrations -- they are now officially TEENAGERS!  We had a great time spending Thanksgiving week in NYC... we had a blast attend the parade and visiting all the sites.  Both boys are playing basketball for St Rita... Ben is on the A team and Alex was happy to make the B team (there's 4 7th grade teams so he truly was happy to make the B team!).
 Ben is #24 on his select team The Wolf Pack
Here's a picture of the B&A (lower right corner) during their last day of school at the Christmas party.

Here is the B-Team St Rita Power House 

Dorian has continued to be awesomely defy the odds and spends his day singing, demanding to be rocked by his nurses, and making us laugh.  He loves Luna and calls out for her when he hasn't seen her around, and his favorite part of the day is when Chris comes home from work.  He helps me yell for Ben and Alex and is always Mr Nosey Rosey when the boys are working on homework in the kitchen.  We didn't have a night nurse last night so we stayed up late playing; here he is wishing you all a happy Valentines Day.  Don't let his cuteness fool you.  He is such a funny stinker. He ate a lot of  beans yesterday and his breath was stinky.  Marcia kept telling him jokingly "Dori your breath stinks!" and he would respond by puckering up his lips and blowing into her face each time she would say it.  Niiiiiice.    

Central Park NYC over Thanksgiving 

Gangster Dori 

Here is a picture of Cary -- my mom's best friend who I was able to visit 2 weeks ago in Florida before my annual girls trip to Marco.  Cary will be 96 YEARS OLD at the end of this month and she still takes the time to lecture me on how to be more romantic with Chris. She is the original Love Doctor.  She has always been such a blessing to my sister and I... we love her dearly!  She and my mom were always Lucy and Ethel (my mom was the crazy fun Lucy and Cary was the level headed partner in crime Ethel).  

Please join me in praying for our extended i-cell family around the world.  Since December many little i-cell earth angels have bravely earned their wings. Cold and flu season is always hard on our warrior babies and this season has been particularly hard on many.  We pray for their families to find strength and comfort in the memories of their dear children.  

Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the month and hoping your new year is off to a wonderful start!  

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