Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer here we come!

Dorian looks so grown up in this picture!!
Wynn loves to hear his voice and he always has something important to say.
Dorian and Wynn enjoying their 1st movie experience!  All smiles of course. 
Wynn is thinking "Holy water is cold papi!"  
Dorian didn't skip a beat with his pacifier during his baptism at all.  

It's been an action packed month for all 4 Johnson boys.  Ben and Alex finished up preschool yesterday and sang for the Kindergarten graduation (very well choreographed I might add!), and they are finishing up football season (today is the championship game and I'm smellin' a victory!).  

Dorian and Wynn also had a busy month!  On May 16th we baptized them at St. Catherines of Sienna, the same church were Ben and Alex were baptized.  It was great to have friends and family from near and far help us celebrate our big occassion for the babies.  Thanks to the Godparents Kiley and Stacy for your support, and for everyone who was there that helped make it a special memory for all of us.  

The babies have enjoyed many "firsts" this month.  They went to go see a movie with the big boys.  They actually lasted 50 minutes in the theatre before I wheeled them out in the stroller and walked around the mall with them til the movie was over.  They did a great job!  They also went to their first pool party.  Although they slept through most of it, it was still fun to take them to the annual memorial day party we always go to.  

The babies are going through a round of antibiotics to clear up the considerable amount of fluid in their ears which we did not know they had.  The ENT caught it during Wynn's hearing aid check-up visit and since Dorian was there he quickly examined him too.  Both of them have extremely narrow ear canals so a pediatrician with normal ear scopes would not see it.  We'll see how much the antibiotics can help clear out to hopefully delay putting in tubes.  The great news out of all of it was that 25% of Wynn's hearing loss could possibly be reversed with the removal of that fluid.  Even though he would still need to wear hearing aids, there's a chance it wouldn't be as severe as we initially thought.  

During the 1st half of June the babies will get checked up by lots of doctors so it'll be a good barometer of how they are doing in all sorts of areas (lungs, eyes, heart, skeletal, etc).  

Summer is filled with all sorts of fun stuff - we are leaving for San Antonio tomorrow for our 1st family vacation with the babies to visit family and see all the kid-friendly sights (Sea World, Six Flags, the River Walk, etc).  Ben and Alex will be doing swimming lessons, Ben's playing  basketball on the team Chris is coaching, and we'll be scheduling tons of play dates since they are home with Anna and I all summer.  Wynn will be starting he speech/hearing therapy through ECI in June so I'm sure he'll dazzle them with his cuteness.  We'll step up our physical therapy to get the boys to do the fun stuff like rolling over (Dorian is almost able to do it on his own!), sitting up (we still have a little ways to go on that, they look like they are drunk when we try to do it with them), and bets are on to see if they'll say "mama" or "dada" first.  Yes yes I know, they usually say dada first since Ds are easier sounds to make for babies, but a girl can hope, right?!?!  

Today Chris and I are celebrating our 11th year wedding anniversary!!  It's amazing how quickly it's flown by, all the fun things we've done, all the places we've visited, and the pack of kids we've had.  Who'd a thunk it?  Alot of you that read this were there for us on our special day 11 years ago... thanks for sticking with us through it all!  Looking forward to seeing as many of you as we can this summer!  Dallas is always a fun place to visit so please come on down! :) 


  1. Wow, you sure are busy! I just had to say that I LOVE the PJs the boys are in. I didn't get "Mama" first either, so I've got my fingers crossed for you!

  2. I love reading your updates Mercedes. Hugs and kisses to all your boys! Hope to see you all this summer!