Friday, February 4, 2011

For He's a jolly good DORI!!!!! Nobody can deny...

Ice all week, now it's covered by beautiful snow
After 24 hours stuck at home, we finally ventured out for a lunch date. Yum!
Dori was in a party mood with me, not wanting to sleep the other night
This is blurry cuz Wynnie kept moving so fast I couldn't get a good snap!

I am happy to announce the Dorian Allen Johnson has been awarded the Standing Ovation Award by the National MPS Society. This award is given to a brave boy or girl who shows courage and inspires those around him in his battle against the family of MPS related diseases.
We are so proud of Dori!! We haven't told Wynn because we don't want him to get jealous, so we are keeping the celebrations low key. I've been sent a questionnaire by the MPS Society asking for Dori's bio so they can do a write up about him... so it'll be fun writing about his "likes" and "hobbies". Go Dori!!!! When they called to tell me this week, I was a big old ball of pride... it's heart warming to see him win an award for something, especially something that means so much for what he and Wynnie go through on a daily basis. They are so awesome.

We are on day #4 of school being cancelled due to major ice and now 6 inches of snow. Yesterday we had a total of 7 boys at the house playing... cabin fever has turned out fun for hte boys - lots of friends over and lots of video games. This weekend is superbowl just 45 minutes away from our house, hopefully everyone will still have a nice time despite the ice.

Wynnie's ears are all better and we FINALLY found his hearing aids that had been lost since October. Now that he's wearing his aids, he's alot more vocal and interactive. The old Wynnie is back. Watch out ladies! Wynnie is really good at skyping with Viktoria's family and friends in Germany. He is creating quite the following. Maybe he'll be the next David Hassolhoff.

Dori is a jabbering social bug, he makes us laugh alot. He's great at blowing kisses and is still all about calling out for me. He has fun watching Ben and Alex wrestle, and he tries to follow your tune when you sign to him. His favorite thing to do while watching his YouTube videos is to watch YOU while you sing along to the videos. He likes the double entertainment.


  1. Congrats Dori!! Your boys are so adorable!

  2. Such great strides. Congrats,Dori, on your award! That is awesome. Glad you all are doing great and staying warm. Love to you all.