Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy New Year 1/15/11

Happy New Year! Dori and Wynn had fun ringing in the new year.. they didn't make it til midnight but they sure tried. Ben and Alex on the other hand were wired until 1:30 AM!

Dori has become quite the instigator to poor Wynnie. He loves to roll around on the floor and chase him. When he "catches" him he kicks Wynnie, or tries to grab his head. We've had discussions at length with Dori about the perils of bullying but he doesn't seem to think what he does is bullying. Wynnie sure does... he lets out a loud cry when Dori gets him. Even Ben has jumped into action by creating a toy barricade between the babies. I love how protective Ben is of his baby brothers.

Speaking of Ben, he was jumping on his bed past bedtime and cracked open his head (hitting it on the bunk bed). Chris took him to the ER and got him 2 stitches. He got his stitches out yesterday and was informed by our pediatrician that there's a Stitches Fairy. She is the Tooth Fairy's sister. So when they got home, Alex bartered some candy for one of Ben's stitches so that both he and Ben could score some cash from the Stitches Fairy. Unfortunately, Chris and I fell asleep and we forgot to put money under their pillows. I should invoice our pediatrician for bringing it up. ha ha!

Wynnie is a super cuddle bug with Miss Viktoria. Dori has a new-found infatuation with me, always calling for me, always has to keep his eye on me at all times. I guess my business travels have made him realize how much he LOOOOOOVES me :). But he drops me like a sack of potatoes when his night nurse comes cuz he knows he gets to watch his YouTube videos with her for as long as he wants.

Alex told us today at breakfast that when he gets married he'll live in this house with us in it. I keep telling him that when he's married he'll probably only want us to visit, not to live with him all the time (he brings it up at least once every 4-6 months). I promised I'd watch his kids for him while he goes on dates with his wife and Ben said "papi too! papi gets to watch the babies too!" Then completely out of character, Ben told Viktoria he liked her and that he wanted her to "stay." When she leaves he is always saying "Why does she go out with her friends all the time?" Can we say... crush?

Chris is doing great... moved his office back to the Dallas headquarters so he's getting back into the groove down there. He's been busy with work and helping the boys with their basketball practices. Ben's a good shooter, but Alex is a spirited defender. It's so neat to watch. Chris is planning a Texas Hold Em style poker event to raise money for MPS society. We're still trying to nail down the dates, but probably in mid-late March. Stay tuned!!

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  1. Boy that Alex . . . he is such a lover and romantic. MJ, you and Chris are going to have to get him his own phoneline when the girls start calling :-)