Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ear Surgery and radio stars

Me in Dubai. The boys look cute in the jerseys I brought home for them.
Ben and Alex posing this afternoon with Gingerbread Fred in front of the tree.
Wynnie playing "peek a boo" with Papi while waiting to get his tubes today
Dori hanging out with Papi while Wynn was getting his tube in.

Babies were on the radio this morning during morning rush hour. woo hoo!! It was for the Children's Miracle Network radiothon, to raise money in the Dallas area. Hopefully their story will help much needed funds for CMN. Their story will continue being aired throughout the radiothon this week on Dallas's 103.7 Lite FM on the following dates/times:

Thursday, Dec. 9

8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Friday, Dec. 10

10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Saturday, Dec. 11

2 p.m.

Aside from being radio stars, they also went into surgery today for new tubes in their ears. They did great, relatively happy throughout the morning as they waited to go under. When Dori came out of anesthesia all groggy, he opened his eyes and blew Chris a kiss, then fell back asleep. So so sweet, he's our loverboy. Both babies were only able to get one ear operated on, because the doctor said he's never seen ear canals so narrow before, so he wasn't able to get in there.

Ben and Alex brought home Gingerman Fred from school. They are supposed to take pictures of their normal "happenings" with Fred tonight and send it back to school in the book to share with their classmates. Fred is pretty cute, the boys think it's so neat.

I was gone all last week in Dubai for work. It was very beautiful, very modern and very rich in cultural diversity. I had a ball shopping and everyone was extremely nice and helpful. The world's largest mall was across my hotel. I went for the gala for The Christina Nobel Children's Foundation, and the rugby tournament her foundation sponsored. It was a super fun time, but I really did miss the boys!! Alex was telling our night nurse that I was gone at Jumangi. I guess Dubai is so far that it sounds like it would border Jumangi. ha!

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