Friday, November 19, 2010

Wynn's attitude problem in PT

This morning the OT and PT therapists were both here at the same time working on the babies. I have to post this picture... they put the babies face to face to see them interact. Dori loves his "lazy boy" bumbo but Wynnie was hating it today, so the whole time Dori is smiling and talking to Wynn and Wynnie is screaming mad!

Last night Chris had the babies on the floor and was pretending to "wrestle" with them. He put Wynn on his chest and was acting like Wynn was beating him up. Ben ran over and said with a really worried face "Papi are you hugging him your softest?" We had to explain to Ben that papi was only "pretending" to wrestle and that the babies were fine. That was so sweet of Ben!

Tonight Viktoria arrives ... it'll be so nice to have her here and not to mention all the help she'll provide to all of us.

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