Monday, November 1, 2010

Dorian and Wynn's head

The babies had a busy day today. Wynn had an appointment with the dental surgeon for the big cyst he has growing on his bottom gums. After doing a little more research, he called the house and told us that he wouldn't recommend doing any surgery on it at this point. Which is great news because we don't want them to undergo any surgeries that are not absolutely necessary. So in the meantime, Wynnie will have a cyst the size of Mt Everest in his mouth but he doesn't seem to act too bothered with it so we are fine as long as he acts fine. Poor little guy!

Then we took the babies to Medical City really quick to get paperwork, then over to Children's for them to see the neurosurgeon Dr. Sacco. Posted above is Dori's cat scan from last week. The very noticable bump is on the back/bottom of his skull. You'll see a break/gap of skull bone underneath where the bump is. From what he saw in the scan and what he felt upon examining him, he thinks it's a dermoid cyst. Basically it's harmless. Unless the cyst begins to change alot or if he seems he is in pain, Sacco said no need for operating.

As of last week, Wynnie out of the blue had a bump pop up on the bottom of his skull too. So weird how a couple of weeks ago neither of them had anything and now within a week they both do(!!!). Since all of this sprung up not even 2 weeks ago, Dori's bump has gone from soft to hard.

Why does they have those bumps there? In a healthy baby, the skull bones are not fully formed and fused together, there are many gap areas in the baby skull at birth. As a child grows, so does the brain, so these gaps in the skull allow the brain to grow within a flexible area that allows for that growth. In Dori and Wynnie's case, their skull bones have nearly all fused together (far earlier than normal), so as they are getting older, their brain has no where to grow. So their heads are a little differently shaped, Wynn has slight bulging on the sides of his head above his ears and Dori head is uneven and pointy.

For both babies, the verdict is to do nothing. At this point it's not causing them any pain or visible discomfort so Dr Sacco felt that their cardiac and respiratory problems outweighed the risks that would be involved in operating... the only way to fix this would be to do cranial surgery to basically give the brain that room to grow (cutting through the skull to give the brain more space), so we agreed with the doctor that is completely unnecessary in the babies' case.

Chris and I were impressed that Dr Sacco really is famous. ha ha!! He and his team at Childrens were the ones that did the famous surgery on those two little boys from the middle east (conjoined twins that were attached to the head). They had a picture of the boys in the office so it was clear that Dr Sacco and his colleagues are top notch. woo hoo!

On a faaarrr more positive note, what a fun weekend! Our MPS Fundraiser party was super fun, we had a great turnout, lots of people donated for our raffle, and lots won some great prizes with the silent auction as well. We're still getting checks rolling in for the MPS Society so I won't know the grand total until we count it all up, but I think we doubled what we raised last year. woo hoo!! We're so thankful for the Caracalas's and the Mazurs for co-hosting this party with us, and for all our friends and family that showed up and had a great time. I went dressed as Tiger Woods, and Chris went as my lovely mistress.

Check out the Johnson boys in the costumes... Alex was a knight, Ben was a ninja, and the babies were pumpkins. How cute!! :)

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