Monday, November 15, 2010

Football, birthday party and fun! (11/15/10)

Boom Boom Pow! Ben getting a flag at the All Star Game!
Alex in the middle with the running back's flag.... sweet!
Dori loves story time with his night nurse.
Don't let Wynn's face of horror fool you, he loves his birthday party. The theme for the party was "You are my sunshine" since they are that and more! Their shirts say "I will make a difference", so so true!
Dori having fun around the house with papi.
The babies are proving that terrible twos are just a myth.... both had a happy weekend relaxing at home playing with their brothers and spending quality time with papi :). We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Viktoria (from Germany). Today she arrived to NY for her Au Pair school training, so by Friday night she'll be joining our family. Welcome to the circus! I mean, welcome to your new home!

Ben and Alex continue super busy with their football season. Since they were picked for the all star team, we continue with practice 3 nights a week. They won their 1st all star games in big fashion, so they'll be heading up against flag football teams from all over the US this upcoming weekend. How exciting! Our collection of trophies is getting shinier and bigger. They are so proud of themselves, as are we. The ultimate goal if they make it past all the games this weekend would be to play Super Bowl weekend amid the festivities at Cowboys stadium. One game at a time...

Our National MPS Society fundraiser was a total blast! I hope to get pictures from people soon, but we had alot of hilarious costumes and people with a fun and giving spirit. This year we doubled what we raised last year, so I was happy to send over $4,700 worth of checks to the good folks at the National MPS Society. We allocated the money that Dorian & Wynn raised to go 75% to research (we need to find a cure!), and 25% to go to family support (for other ml2 families that may have financial burdens from medical bills, or in need of home medical equipment that isn't covered by insurance). We are so humbled by the generosity of everyone that participated in the party by donating items for the silent auction, buying raffle tickets and just having a great time for a great cause. So grateful!! So happy!

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