Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Snooping and the Mavs

Mavs locker room
Dori at the golf course
Wynnie at the golf course

As a surprise I took Ben, Alex and Viktoria to the Mavs arena at 7:45 AM on Saturday morning to tour the Mavs facilities in downtown. Our name was drawn from a Mavs watch party we all attended back in May so we had a tour of the practice facilities, the locker room, and the weight room. I think the boys' favorite part was that the players have a lounge area all decked out in black leather recliner "theater" style seats with a huge flat screen and all the video games a kid would ever want. All these months we've been telling them video games turn your brains into mush and the world champion Mavs have proven me wrong. Thanks. They had a real fun time yesterday morning and it was neat to see.

We are big snoops in our house. Alex likes to go through cabinets, drawers, closets and any nook or cranny where he thinks he might find something interesting. I don't know what he has in mind, but he is always snooping around going through things. The other day while I was cooking he was digging through drawers and he stopped and said "Mami, I like being nosey!" and then kept on digging. I said "You know Alex, when I was your age, I used to go through all my parents drawers too." I probably should not have admitted that in retrospect! He just smiled.

In the spirit of snooping, it was 2 hours past Ben and Alex's bedtime, and I could hear them laughing and screaming and occasionally running upstairs. So I sneaked into their bathroom next to their room and just sat there and listened. Alex had his journal out and was interviewing Ben. It went something like this:

"Ben, what's your catch phrase?"
Ben responds "Skate 3!" (the name of his favorite video game)
Alex says "No, it can't be that! A catch phrase is like your favorite thing to say. Like Bugs Bunny's catch phrase is 'What's up Doc'.... get it?"
"Ooh... my favorite catch phrase is 'DUUUDE!' then... what's your's?"
Alex responds "I guess mine is 'What's up Doc' too."
I know that as this is read, it's probably not funny but while I was crouched over in the bathroom listening to this and hearing Alex scribble Ben's response in his journal, it was adorably hilarious to me.

And not to be left behind the snooping department, the babies are right with them. Wynnie has been waking up and not letting the nurses have much of a break in the evenings... all he wants to do is drink milk and chat for as long as he can get away with it, usually for 2-3 hours at times. He just loves the attention. Dorian has also been nocturnal lately. One night he just played and sang and ate starting at 1:00 AM and didn't skip a beat to take a nap until 10:00 AM the following morning after physical therapy. He's also been REALLY active in the rolling around after people. His favorite prank is to roll to the foyer and knock down all the forts and defense soldiers that Ben and Alex have built. If Ben moves him back into the family room, Dori screams at him and scoots and rolls his way right back over and knocks their stuff down right over again. I think Dori loves all the commotion it causes (1) Ben and Alex scream, (2) he hears all the blocks and stuff crash to the wooden floor and (3) he thinks "dude, I did that!". Isn't every little brother supposed to bug his older brother? He takes the job very seriously.

This summer Ben has really endeared himself to Wynnie. Our friends came to visit us last week and Ben wanted them to meet Wynnie, he kept saying "Come over and meet him, he is really really cute! He's really funny!" I think Ben is sweet on Wynnie because Ben can do all his Jerry Lewis antics to him and Wynnie just laughs and laughs at anything Ben does. Who doesn't love an audience?

Chris was out of town all weekend, so I took the older boys to the Japanese steakhouse last night for dinner. When our cook came out, Ben sat up on his knees on his chair and says like a rapper "Let's get this party started!!!" That's pretty much been the theme for us this summer... have fun and get the party started with friends, play dates, camps and everyday celebrations. So far we've had a great summer and I can't believe it's nearly 1/2 over already. ;(

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