Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

Wynnie with his favorite toy
Alex in front of fireworks
Ben striking a Lady Liberty pose
Ben getting a ball at the Rangers game!
Alex and I

Dori giving his Papi lots of kisses Friday at the restaurant

We hope everyone had a restful and fun 4th of July weekend! We had alot of fun with the boys and the babies this weekend, shared in the company of great friends. Dori spent the weekend very affectionate-- kissing and being kissed. Wynnie was in a playful mood all weekend so he had fun playing with his older brothers and the kids that came over to play.

Many thanks to the Devoe family who gave us their tickets to the July 4th Rangers baseball game! Ben got a ball from one of the Orioles players, and then Alex got a ball that Chris caught for him. They were so excited! Alex knew that the Orioles team colors would have black in it because as he stated, "Orioles sounds like Oreos and Oreos are black."

Then after the game we watched an awesome fireworks show from the parking lot. As we drove off the boys rolled down their windows and were telling people "Happy 4th of July!" "Happy Birthday America!" It was cute. Viktoria stayed home with the babies. She and Catherine, the night nurse, took the babies outside to watch our neighborhood fireworks show. Dori didn't like it one bit, and Wynnie didn't care for the heat and humidity so the girls brought them back inside and just watched the fireworks from inside the house. I don't blame them! It was still 95 degrees at 8:00 PM!

As we spent time swimming and playing in the backyard on Saturday, Alex says with a big smile on his face "This is the life!!" How true! Our time spent with friends and neighbors was just what we all needed...a fun and lazy weekend for all. We are very thankful for the peace and happiness we shared with each other this weekend.

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