Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 26th

Wynnie enjoying bath time
Dori hanging out with us in the kitchen
Ben riding his bike for the 1st time like a pro!
Alex fully concentrating on his bike without training wheels. yay!

We're only into the 3rd week of summer but the boys are developing a good routine to keep themselves busy throughout the day. When it's time for the babies to get therapy, they go upstairs to play video games or go into my room to watch cartoons (if not they'll stand over the therapist shoulders and be like protective body guards anytime they hear the babies cry) so that the therapist can do their jobs without having to answer to Ben and Alex. :)

For Father's Day the boys made him colorful cards and we all stayed out of his way while Chris was busy all day with cleaning out his closets and organizing things. I told him he is supposed to be lazy on Fathers Day (since I don't lift a finger on Mother's Day!), but he had the urge to purge so we let him go after it. It was a very low key day for him here at home. Then this weekend we celebrated his birthday. Viktoria made him a surprise German chocolate cake. Unfortunately the cake deflated so it really looked like the Grand Canyon but it tasted so scrumptious it didn't matter what it looked like since we all covered our pieces in ice cream. Ha!! Then Saturday night we went out for drinks in downtown then up to Allen to a Brazilian steakhouse his friend owns. It was a weekend finished up with playing around in the pool with the boys last night.

Ben and Alex are staying busy with a 2nd grade curriculum book. Chris worked out the lesson plans so we sit during the day and do the daily lessons. Ben's lesson on Friday included to compose a "poem" about someone. He chose to do it about Chris. He was hard at work and wouldn't show me anything til he was finished. Half way through the poem composition, Ben looks up and says "Mami, what's a word that rhymes with bald?"

For Father's Day I had the boys make a magic time machine card. On one side of the card they drew what their favorite thing to do with Chris is (in the "present"). Then on the other side they drew what their favorite thing will be to do with him in the "future". Alex drew shopping with him in the present, and playing poker with him in the future. Ben drew playing basketball with him in the present, and playing with his kids & Chris in the future.

Today after Chris told the boys he was going to teach them how to ride a bike, Alex said "Hold on, let me get a first aid kit put together!" To our grand surprise, once the training wheels were taken off, both boys zipped on their bikes as if they had ridden for years. It was nuts! No need for bandaids. NICE!

Dorian is working on making the "SH" sound with his speech therapist. He can't work it out with his mouth, so he just blows out of his nose when he is prompted to do it. It's so cute. She loves it when he does it. Wynn is trying his best to mimick facial expressions and sounds. He loves to roll up to Dorian and try to hold his hand or touch his face but Dori gives him a swift kick or a loud yell and Wynn knows to back off. It's hard being such a snuggle bug if your bro doesn't want to snuggle back!! We need to send Dorian to some sensitivity training. :)

This week the babies have both been party boys in the middle of the night. They get the night nurse to feed them then play with them for at least an hour, or FOUR. They keep the babies happy so we don't hear any fussing or crying to actually wake US up. Twice this week Dori partied til 4 or 5 AM. Hopefully this is just a phase, but at least while they are awake with the nurse they are happy just talking and playing with toys. Maybe they are practicing for college all-nighters (?).

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