Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mavs Maniac

Jason the Jet Terry & Dirk
Dirk doing the Dirky
Tyson Chandler
The awesome parade crowd!
My two cute parade dates!

I'm happy to report that in our household we have come down with a serious outbreak --- of mavs fever!

What a fun past week it has been... staying up late with the boys to watch the games, trying not to cheer too loud because loud cheers scare Dori, being proud of Wynnie staying up real late with us to join in on the chanting, doing victory dances for our night nurses (who I have no doubt think we are totally nuts), and just sharing the excitement of the mavs NBA championship with Ben and Alex. It's really neat to see their excitement. Chris says I'm a "superfan" and Ben is not far behind from me, he likes to watch the games over and over again.

Today we woke up at 5:15 AM and took the train to downtown... sunscreen, DS's, sunglasses and cooler in hand (packed with sandwiches and gatorades). We left the babies at home with Viktoria because I thought the crowds and the heat would be too much for them... that was the best call I made all day since there were over 200,000 fans and over 100 degree heat.

Ben LOVED the train ride and was so pumped to see houses and businesses all dark as we choo-choo'd all the way to Victory Plaza, he kept clapping and saying what a good day it was. Alex within 5 minutes of boarding the train Alex said "This is my second most important dream come true!" I was so excited that I didn't even think of asking him what his FIRST most important dream is. I just gave him a big hug. Since we got there 4 hours before the parade started, we got a great area to watch the parade from... here are the pictures. What a fun time, I'm so glad I was able to share this experience with the boys. CHris wasn't able to take off from work to join us but we kept him informed through phone calls and texts.

Thanks mavs for giving our family so many neat memories this year!! As I screamed to Dirk, Terry and Kidd as their float went by "WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!"

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