Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 2nd

Dori smiling at dinner table
Wynn unimpressed by the baby dinosaur he was petting on Monday
Alex in field day
Ben with the look of a crazy man at tug-a-war (he gets that from Chris!)

School is over on June 9th so just a few more days and *freedom*... so that means lots of activities to plan and fun play dates to book so the boys have a fun and eventful summer. That also means Dorian and Wynn will feel like Atilla the Hun has invaded their private quiet days until school starts up again! ha ha ha!!

Just wanted to post a couple of pictures of the boys and babies lately... I tried many times to post new videos to this blog entry but for some reason it's not working. I'll post it once I get it figured out. It was some cute ones of the babies laughing, talking to me and eating my iPhone (otter box) case.

Football has had us really busy (the season ended last Saturday, they got 2nd place in the league). Now we're in full basketball mode. Chris started two select basketball teams and is coaching those. Our team name is "Big Red". No surprise there, right?

Wynnie has had a fever the past couple of days and throwing up, but I'm taking him to the doctor to see what's going on. Probably an ear infection I assume, but I don't know what his vomiting is about.

Dori has been improving by leaps and bounds in PT. With the help of his bobby pillow around his hips, he is able to sit up for a total of 7 minutes!!! His PT is really proud of him, as are we. He is also stealing the show at speech therapy. His speech therapist Hope has become a stay at home mom so we miss her dearly. :( But his new speech therapist Lauren is great and the babies have really blossomed with her. Dori is mimicking alot of her words during therapy and Wynnie is trying his best too. He recently discovered his tongue so he is more preoccupied with folding it over and sticking it out than actually saying words... but that's ok. It's a start!

Their old OT left the company so they have a new OT. The babies are taking a little while to get used to her but she does all sorts of fun things (play with shaving cream, color with markers) so they are beginning to warm up to her because of her new tricks and toys.

Wynnie is still everyone's friend... anyone willing to hold and cuddle him is alright in his book. As for Dori, he is developing his "stranger anxiety" like a typical 2 year old normally does. If he doesn't know you very well and you try to touch him, he'll let you know he wants you to step away... far away, fast. Lauren told us that is a good sign of his mental development since a "normal" 2 year old would also begin to exhibit that same aversion to strangers as well. So please don't take offense... it's just Dori being a normal 2 year old.

Ben and Alex had field day at school last week... it was a hoot! The babies enjoyed it for about an hour then they started getting hot and fussy (they get hot and sweaty way faster than normal since they are both on heart meds and that is a side effect). But before we left I was able to get some good pics of the boys in action. I was proud of them! The boys were very busy the last two weeks keeping watch of a mama bird that made her nest on our garage door opener. They rigged a step ladder so they could climb up and see the eggs and babies every day.

Chris made an observation last week that really struck me. This past year in Dallas we have hosted the World Series, the Super Bowl and now the NBA finals! Even though we haven't purchased actual tickets to go to any of those big time games, we've enjoyed the festivities around the city with Ben and Alex and it's been really neat to get caught up in all the excitement. Not many kids can say they've had fun at all those events, so it's a blessing to make those memories with them and our friends down here.

We hope you start to look at your calendars and think of when you might come down to visit us. The pool is ready, the lounge chairs are waiting and I'm sure we can whip up a nice cold beverage for you upon your arrival. Just to tempt you I'm putting picture of our front door and back yard on here to get your road trip juices flowing. Come on down!

Oh ... and one more thing... LET'S GO MAVS!!!!!


  1. Very tempting Mercedes! I may need to add on another vacation this summer - LOL! Glad to hear of all the good news & progress.

  2. hola Prima, me encanto todo el relato que tienes de los niños, te cuidas mucho y saludes a todos.