Thursday, October 9, 2014

All about Dori (and others)

We If you didn't already know, Dori is kinda a big deal (as is Wynnie) and if you didn't know-- he'll be happy to let you know. 
Today Dori had his new "eye gaze communication device". He has it for a 30 day trial to see if insurance will approve it (fingers crossed). What's it do? It has lots of boxes on the screen and he launches the boxes by just looking at them. Then he can ask for things or ask to do things based on the friendly voice commands from his gaze. So if he wants a bath, is hungry or wants to watch videos-- this is another way of him telling us. My only hope is that Chris doesn't sneak away with it and all day long on the weekends I hear "make me a sandwich, someone get the newspaper, change the channel to the Husker game"... Ha ha ha!! 😆

We are looking forward to Dorian using it and maybe even Wynnie will want to get into the action. 
Hers also a brief little video of running amuck at school. He loves the freedom of walking the halls and this past week was his school's book fair so he was excited to scoot to the library to see all the action. He's such a social butterfly. 

Last week Dori was his classroom's student of the week. Ben and Alex helped him jazz up his biography poster. Dori was extremely proud of himself

Alex keeps wow'ing us with his culinary delights and vast knowledge of American and world history, Ben keeps busy going to friends house, and Wynnie has done fantastically with home-bound school. 

Wynnie originally started with twice weekly 2 hour sessions, but that proved to be exhausting for him. State law requires 4 hours minimum per week. So now we've broken it into 3 days per week and his teacher Miss Deborah has fallen hard for sweet little Wynner. Can you blame her? 
Humbled and thankful that on October 27th we'll be celebrating SIX amazing years with Dorian and Wynn. We love them so much, I only wish they truly knew how much better people they have shaped us to be. 💝💝💝 


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