Monday, December 29, 2014

Wynnie's Legacy ... Heartfelt Appreciation!!!

Wynnie's Froggy and rattle took center stage.  

What a beautiful service we had in honor of Wynnie on December 6th.  Although we were sad to say goodbye to our sweet little boy, we were overjoyed at the outpouring of love and support from our friends and family that came from near and far to honor his memory. One person after another came to the funeral home with a toy for children of all ages.  Many tears were shed, but his celebration of life at our home was truly a celebration -- Wynnie would not have wanted it any other way because that's what he knew in our home -- love, laughter and friends.  December 6th 2014 was not any different.  

When we arrived to the funeral home Alex timidly asked me "where is Wynnie?"  ... we forgot to mention that we found the PERFECT earthly home for him until we see him again in heaven.  He was peacefully cremated and we'll keep him in this beautiful moon that is tucked away in a special place in our home.  We picked this because it looks like a big rattle (Wynnie's favorite type of toy).  Chris's idea was to take him with us (whoever passes away first) and Dori will be buried with whoever passes away second.  It's reality, it's sad, but it's truly symbolic of being a parent. I love that he thought of that so we can stay with our babies forever.  
Over the next couple of weeks our friends went into overdrive in collecting toys in Wynnie's memory.  We had friends collecting toys and donations ALL over the United States.  This photo is from the toys collected in Frisco from our friends Kacy and Frederick Zeeck. 

These toys were collected from our friends Stephanie and Patrick Kinser in Plano, Tx. 

The Dallas Phi Mu Alumnae collected toys as well at Francine & Rick Dalton's home. 

Here are the toys we collected in our home... this picture was taken after TWO SUVs full of toys had already been delivered.  

The 5th graders at Coyote Ridge Elementary (Dori and Wynnie's school) spearheaded their own toy drive.  The 5th graders know the babies well since they come in as special play friends to the Functional Life Skills class on Thursdays, so they played with Wynnie last year while he still went to school. 

Chris and I conservatively estimate that YOU helped us raise over $10,000 worth of toys, gift cards and cash for Hope's Door and Catholic Charities.  Just imagine how many HUNDREDS of children this Christmas season were blessed and felt LOVE because of YOUR generosity!!  Our friend Angela who made MANY deliveries to Hope's Door told us that the administrators there have been so thankful from all the donations.  Wynnie's toy drive amassed so many toys and gift cards that they set up a special Toy Store for the abused women to "shop" for their little ones.  This toy store would not have existed if it weren't for Wynnie.  This toy store would not have existed if it weren't for our friends and family (and even strangers that sent in donations!).  Wow!  Wynner's legacy truly reminded our family the true meaning of Christmas -- about giving, about loving, about honoring.  Thank you all SO VERY MUCH for bringing the spirit of Christmas to life.   

Just a couple of days before Christmas, we gave Santa a visit.  We took Froggy to represent Wynnie.  As you can see, Dori and Santa shared a sweet moment together.  

Thank you Wynnie for making us better by your example.  There are people who live to be 80 years old that don't leave as big of an impact as our sweet chubby little warrior Wynnie did.  We are so proud of you sweet boy.  We love you, we miss you, and we can't wait to see you again!  Thank you for setting us up for a blessed 2015.  From our family to yours, we hope 2015 brings you joy, health and prosperity.

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