Wednesday, May 13, 2015

You know what's so cool about...

Random thoughts before I settle for bed. 

You know what's so amazing about having kids? The same people that make you jump out of your own skin and scream to the heavens are the same people that can remind you why life is so precious. 

You know what's so cool about Ben? He is the biggest scardi-cat in the world (about planes, trains, roller coasters), but he is the most fearless person when it comes to climbing the tallest trees. 

You know what's so cool about Alex? He loves history more than cake, candy and soda combined. That's pretty cool if you ask me. 

You know what's so cool about Dori? He has learned to hold his breathe on purpose when he throws a tantrum and he is smart enough to resume breathing when he gets what he wants. Actually that's not cool at all, but it sure is interesting. What a stinker! 

You know what's so cool about Luna? She asks for the least and makes you feel like you are the most.  There's a lesson in that and I'd like to know how to make people feel that way too. 

You know what's so cool about friends? Bathtub rescues. Thank you.... You know who you are. No further details are needed. 

You know what's so cool about Wynnie? Alex was looking intently on his picture in the family room and walked away crying. Although he is gone our love for him is as strong as ever, and we're not afraid to show our feelings. 

You know what's so stupid about Mosquitos? I just slapped myself across the face trying to kill one on my face. Mosquito - 1, Me - 0. 

You know what else is neat about Ben? He'll easily give up when encountering an obstacle or get upset if he can't figure out a math problem, but he set up a "mechanical obstacle course" last night. He used odds and ends from the garage to make a golf ball go into a bird cage. He tried and filmed it 42 times. He made it on the 42nd and caught it on film. 

You know what's hard to do? Be mad at Ben and Alex when they are talking way beyond bedtime but when I sneak upstairs to listen outside the door, they are talking about boy stuff.

You know what's cool about iPhone cameras? Scroll down. 

You know what else is cool about Dori? No matter how bad a day you could have, all it takes is for him to ask you for "snuggle time" and his steady gaze and joyous giggles will get you out of any funk you could have possibly been in. 

You know what's admirable about Chris? He is stubborn as heck but if he considers you a true friend he will go to the ends of the earth for you. 

I know a lot of really neat things about a lot of truly amazing people, but there's a mosquito with a death wish in my room that I need to take care of stat. 

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