Friday, August 5, 2016

Summer Winding Down

The boys officially are mourning the fast approaching end of their summer.  They have both done a nice job in their reading comprehension and grammar tutoring.  Today was their last day of tutoring and now we'll soak in the next few days until they ramp back up to school on August 16th.

This summer flew by entirely too quickly.  Chris treated us to a spontaneous trip to Mexico where we all had a relaxing time in Puerto Morelos.  We visited with my sister and Valerio during a pit stop returning from our annual trip to the Ozarks.  Last weekend we enjoyed a day trip to San Antonio in preparation for Nenita's Quinciañera next month.  The boys practiced their bachata dance routine for 5 hours!  Ben has kept busy with his basketball team this summer so it's been good to keep him busy.  Alex has been busy FaceTiming friends from school while playing with them online at the same time and talking politics.

Dori has had a nice stable summer, no major setbacks or scary close-calls like we had exactly a year ago around this time.  He is very talkative and loves his music more than ever.  Today another nurse turned in her 2 weeks notice so we'll be sad to see her go.  She is so reliable and responsible I was hoping she'd be a longterm placement for us.  Evidently Dorian and I must be tyrants... oh well.  ha ha!  

This summer has flown by in one huge fun blur.  This is one of the first summers where I'm not counting down the days for the boys to go back to school.  I'm actually pretty sad that they'll be gone during the days.  It's probably because now that they grow older we tend to "hang out" more and have real conversations compared to when they were little.  Chris told me I'll be a hot mess when they leave for college.  I didn't deny it because I know I will!    

Check out this video of Dorian singing his little heart out to me yesterday.  He is quite the crooner and is so fun to hang out with.  He is such a delight!

The boys had a blast at our annual Mom/Kids trip to the Ozarks.  Stacy is always a great host and the kids do an awesome job of packing in as much fun as possible!  

We loved our Mexican trip to Puerto Morelos!  

The beaches were lovely and the boys loved spending their time enjoying that crystal blue ocean 
behind us.  
Dorian always making us laugh with his wit!  He has really blossomed in some special ways this summer (being even MORE talkative, showing how well he remembers things, and having new favorite songs).  

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