Friday, September 2, 2016

And We're OFF!

School year 2016-17 is in full swing at Casa de Johnson.  Ben and Alex are in the 7th grade and are getting back into their groove after starting back on August 16th.  Dorian is officially a 2nd grader and today is his first day of school.  He enjoyed posing for pictures before the school and jumped right on in with all his songs with his teacher Miss Carolyn.  It amazes us how he retains information so well, especially when it revolves around music.
When I asked Dori to smile he wouldn't.  I said "Show me your teeth then" and this was his response. 

Handsome fella 
He finally cooperated with the obligatory First Day of School pic.  Second grade here he comes!

Alex is trying some new roles at school.  He joined the Choir so today was his first time singing at Mass.  He said he was a little nervous so I told him to just lip-sync "Watermelon" in case of emergency.  From vantage point it seems like he held it together well and didn't have to do any fake singing :).  He also started this week on the GHOL committee (Get High On Life) in planning for all the substance awareness activities at the school this year.  We are so proud of how he is stepping out and doing new things outside of his comfort zone.  Since he isn't playing any sports this fall he takes Luna on a (minimum) mile-long walk everyday when Ben leaves for practice.  It's amazing how he comes back and the gps odometer is always like 1.01 miles.  I asked him how he walks exactly a mile and he says he just goes down the street in a straight line until it's 1/2 mile then just walks back.  I said you're missing the point on walking in lovely surroundings.   ha ha ha!

Ben has pleasantly surprised us!  He is adamant about getting his homework done, his handwriting looks like a real 7th grader wrote it (not a drunken lab monkey) AND he even works ahead on his homework during the weekends without us prompting him.  I asked him if he was abducted by aliens and if all this responsibility is a veiled cry for help.  He confirmed all is well and that he is just being responsible.  WHAAAAA???? He is also busy with his basketball team the Wolf Pack and has been enjoying going to the Michael Johnson Performance Center twice a week to work on his athleticism.

Chris and all the other Wealth Management team have moved from their Dallas office (very close to the boys school) back to Addison.  He's beating me on working out alot and eating healthier so he must be getting ready for the rigors of watching college football.  To say that he is happy with the return of the college football season would be a sad understatement.  Let's all pray Huskers have a solid winning season!  We'll be traveling to watch them play against Ohio State with our friends the Mazurs (of Oktoberfest and ski trip fame) so that should be a great time!
Chris watched me MC a Make-A-Wish event a few weeks ago.  Thankfully there was plenty of beer for him to sit through all my bad jokes on stage!  It dawned on us that last week was Dori's 1 year anniversary of getting his Wish.  What a huge difference a year has made!  He continues to make us laugh and bring so much joy to all that love and care for him.  So in the words of the youngins on social media we continue to live the life #BLESSED 


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