Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Next step -- HOME!!

Early last week Wynnie was moved out of the ICU and down to the regular respiratory floor at the hospital.  He has managed doing well without the use of any help with oxygen when he is wide awake and playing. But when he takes naps and when he sleeps for the evening he keeps his levels comfortably on 1/8 liter of oxygen.

The goal of him this week is to tolerate eating BY MOUTH and maintaining a soft tummy.  If he can handle eating/drinking on his own without creating more GI troubles, then the goal is for him to come home this upcoming weekend.  Today for the first time I fed him a 4 ounce bottle of milk.  Aw!  Just like old times ; )  It took him 45 minutes but he was able to successfully drink it all up and then have a bowel movement -- so both really good signs that we will continue to encourage him to do.

Ben and Alex are taking their state mandated STAAR today and tomorrow.  The were excited and wanted to be the first ones at school today.  I know the teachers have been working hard to prepare them and I added a fear factor telling them that if they don't do their best, field trip privileges will be taken away next year since the state of Texas only gives field trip to "smart" schools.  Alex kept on saying "I'm so nervous!" during breakfast.  Nothing like scaring your children before a big test!!!

Dori's new trick while he was riding his scooter yesterday was to SING, WAVE and have his eyes CLOSED while he was zipping around.  His physical therapist is working hard at teaching him how to stop when he comes to a wall or to a door.  Yesterday I think Dori was tired of all the "stop please Dori" -- he drove his scooter all the way to his bedroom and just sat there.  Actions speak louder than words.  Now we just have to work on the whole "distracted driving" stuff and he'll be fine.

Looking forward of meeting our family goals for the week 1) do well on our tests   2) focus on eating healthier  3) getting Wynnie to come home.  Accomplishing 3 out of 3 will feel SWEET!!!!
When I saw this painting it made me cry!  For Dori & Wynnie's 1st birthday party, we did it in a Pinocchio theme.  Pinocchio wanted to be a "real" boy just like everybody else, but he was ALREADY a perfectly loved boy by those that truly mattered.. it just took him a while to realize it.  Just like the babies -- to others they may seem imperfect but to us they are perfect. 

Dori is always talking, singing or cracking jokes. 

Wynnie having his 1st bottle since MARCH 11th this morning!!!

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