Friday, April 5, 2013

Wynnie the Warrior

I can't tell a lie... I was very scared about what could potentially happen to Wynnie today during extubation. But thankfully God's plan was to make Wynnie prove once again that he has the spirit and armor of a warrior covering him!

The waiting room attendant walked over to us and gave us Wynnie's new room number in the ICU by noon. We quickly took the elevator up without knowing the verdict of how the procedure went, but I assumed if Wynnie is back in his room and they never came to ask permission to trach him, it must be a good sign that everything went ok!! But I didn't want to get myself too excited and Chris told me nicely that we can't assume anything and just hope for the best.

What a relief it was to see him breathing with his c-pap!! He was being cared for by 1/2 a dozen people and everyone was busy poking, measuring, squeezing and medicating him. By 3:00 Wynnie had grown tired of everyone messing with him. When he gets mad, his O2 levels plummet and his heart rate and BP go all out of whack and they were already talking about taking him pff the c-pap amd moving onto Plan B (not a good thing). He was wearing a BP cuff on his arm that was going off every 15 minutes, so just when he'd calm down, the cuff would squeeze his arm and he'd get angry all over again. I asked if I could take that off him and once the Dr realized that way too many people were not allowing him to sleep she used her authoritative voice and said "Everybody leave him alone!". All the nurses and therapists stepped back and within just a few minutes he stopped his nonstop crying and dsats and low heart rate all fixed themselves on their own.

Since he was so upset and didn't sleep practically at all, I chose to leave him alone and not hold him. On Monday it'll be exactly one month since I last held him... So I can't wait!!

Overall, Wynnie has held up well today as long as he wasn't agitated. Dr Morris said he still isn't out of the woods yet but for day 1 without the vent, we can put Wynnie in the "win" column. He is so tough and strong willed and he made us so proud today!

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