Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wynnie gots the vapors!! : )

Wynnster continues to do well breathing on the vaportherm nasal cannula trials, and those trials have been increased to 2 hour blocks 4 times per day. When he's not doing his trials he's breathing on the bipap just fine.

This week's goal: ween him off the bipap during the daytime and have him breathe with the vaportherm nasal cannula. he may still need the bipap to sleep through the night.

The goal for next week: ween his vaportherm down 4 levels lower and move him out of the ICU to the regular floor. Once he's on the regular floor they aim at having him breathe without any assistance during the day. If he can't do that then he'd eventually go home with a cute little O2 tank backpack. If that's the case we are fine with that because he'd be completely mobile with it and I'd make sure to bling out his backpack.

Yesterday for the 1st time in over a month I finally got to hold Wynnie in my arms. It was perfect!!! He made my day with doing what he does best--snuggle.

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