Sunday, April 14, 2013

RSV Free!

My favorite red wiffle ball in the whole wide world!

You think you got gas?  My belly could fuel a rocket!

Who let this crazy woman in here that won' 

Thinking about very important things

Smiling about very important things

Smiling under the mask

Gimme a "G"!!!

After over an entire month, Wynnie's RSV swab tests finally came back negative.  It's crazy to think that the stubborn virus kept strong for so long in him and left Dorian so quickly. Wynnie continues to do well breathing through the vaportherm nasal cannula and has had it weened down 5 levels since he started.  The only area of concern at this point is the amount of gas he has accumulated in his tummy due to all the air that has been blown down for the past week.  His tummy has grown so uncomfortably big that they have placed him on 3 meds to help him release his gas.  I keep pulling his finger but that trick isn't work.  ha ha

The goal is for Wynnie to be well enough to leave the ICU by Monday or Tuesday and then transfer him down to the regular respiratory inpatient room.  From there it might be another week until he is well enough to go home.  Looking forward to having everybody under one happy loud roof soon!

A very nice social worker here at Children's gave our family 4 tickets to the Mavs game this past Friday night.  Dorian stayed with Chris and his grandparents at home while B&A and I painted the town.  I had fun on my double date with my dashing young men!

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