Saturday, March 28, 2015

Guys night success

Dorian had a fun time with papi and Marcia last night. He was yelling for Ben, Alex and Luna. He was also eating. 

Today they have focused on taking inventory of all the breathing equipment we have at home and ordering any additional devices he may need. If all goes well then he might be able to go home on Sunday (tomorrow) or Monday. 

I had the BEST night's sleep in ages last night! I slept from 6:30pm until 8:30 pm when both boys started calling me from their sleepover. 

Both boys ended up wanting to sleep at home so by 11:00 pm the 3 of us plus Luna all in my bed while Chris had his slumber party at the hospital. 

The boys had their soccer game this morning so I stayed with them. Now Chris and I switched so he has left to take the boys to lunch and I'm with dori for the rest of the time until he gets released. 

Looking forward to stinker coming home so that all can get back to normal. I know he is missing home of he's calling out for people so I think he's ready too! 

Here he is eating mashed potatoes then watching his YouTube music videos. 😊💜😊

Thankful to our friends for their prayers, treats at the hospital and entetaining the boys for us. We have a pretty awesome "village"!! 

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