Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Break and Dorian

Spring break was two weeks ago and the boys had a blast! We went with the Mazur family to Vail. It was gorgeous and the weather was sunny. 

I'll post some pics of the trip later since I'm holding Dori as I type in my phone. Ben was bravely snowboarding on blacks and Alex moved up on his skills during the trip too. They did NOT get their Alpine skills from neither Chris nor myself. At all! 😊. 

The week before spring break we were busy putting together the science fair projects and prepping for the awkwardly dreaded puberty film the boys watched at school. We can't get a lot out of them about the film but I'm pretty sure they are permanently scarred from it. Ha! 

Dori came home from school this past Friday not feeling well and it's escalated to fevers, cough and trouble sleeping for him. Thankfully the on-call pulmonary doctor was able to write us a script got an antibiotic Saturday night. It really hasn't kicked in yet. Yesterday his coloring of his complexion was a little "off" so we put him on the pulse ox and I freaked when I saw that his O2 levels  were down in the 40s. He's been on his air concentrator since yesterday afternoon on 3 liters. The good news is that his appetite has picked up. I'll be calling the doctors office again once they open after their lunch hour to see if there is anything they can prescribe for him to help him out without bringing him in.  

Since he doesn't feel well he is letting me hold him all day long. If he was healthy he'd wiggle his way out or hit me until Id let him play on the floor in peace. Although I'm sad he is sick I am enjoying every moment I can sneak in my snuggles with him💜.  He's watching a lot of old favorites and discovering new videos today. He's a very busy little man today so I'm holding all his calls. Ha ha ha 

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