Thursday, March 26, 2015

Nice and Steady.

Dorian has put in a full day's work with improving his breathing. He started off with having the Vaportherm nasal canula with an oxygen mask blowing near the side of his face, to today being able to ditch the nasal canula all together and just breathing with the O2 mask blowing next to his face. 

He was much more alert today and even opened his eyes when Papi came to visit, and opened his eyes a couple of times with me. 

At one point he even asked for Gigi and then said "turkey!" so I offered him food but he only took a few bites. 

I thought I slept really well last night but I fell into a deep sleep next to him in his hospital bed today after lunch. When I woke up it smelled funny and I hadn't realized that his poo oozed  out the side of his leg right next to me. I don't know how long we were both cold but the nurse was really nice and helpful in cleaning him and his bed. Glad the poo didn't flow and get me because I ran out of clean clothes. I didn't realize the bathroom in Dori's room doesn't have any towels so after my shower this morning I had to dry off with paper towels. Outstanding! 

I know he isn't all smiley in these pictures but he is much more alert today and he even bopped his head for a few seconds when I was playing hip hop on my phone next to his ear. 😊 His improvements may seem small but at least it's trending in the right direction. 

I had fun talking to Ben and Alex on the phone last night. They were both very chatty. Ben was telling men all about what papi "surprisingly" made them for breakfast (I guess he assumed he throw them some beef jerky and a pop tart??). I laughed ... Kinda jealous since he woke up early and made them eggs and bacon --- I call that a "weekend breakfast". He's setting the bar too high for when I get back. Ha! 

I'm so thankful that Chris has been able to juggle taking care of Ben, Alex and Luna, plus still go into work. Our friends in our neighborhood have been awesome watching over the boys after school until Chris gets home, and even making us some yummy taco soup today for dinner. I've stayed here with Dori the whole time.

The poor little boy in the room next to Dori has had a rough night after his mom left. As soon as she left I overheard the staff saying he was biting people and I can hear him crying and whimpering. If I was a kid I'd be scared being in a hospital by myself surrounded with machines and people I didn't know. I don't blame the little guy. I'm lucky enough to have Chris and our friends that help me with everything going on back home which allows me to stay with Dori. I mean can you imagine? If Dori is hitting and smacking people while I'm here I can only imagine what he'd be doing if I wasn't (?!). 

When stuff like this happens it so nice to be on the receiving end of unsolicited kindness. I only hope we're just as nice and helpful to people in return. Today a worker at the hospital bought my milk for me in the cafeteria just because. He was part of the sanitation crew on his lunch break.... That is just one of the many reasons I'm thanking God for all the good that has happened today. 

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