Friday, March 27, 2015

Tired but getting better

Thankful it's Friday and Dori has had a good week of making gradual (albeit slow) improvements. He took a few bites of gravy this morning with me then ate half a yogurt with Marcia this afternoon. He was given a quick sponge bath since he was so hot and sweaty from laying in his hospital bed all day. After his bath he was a bit more responsive and would look at us briefly when we'd talk to him, but then he'd get mad when I'd lean in to kiss him. 

I was so dead tired this morning that when they came into do X-rays at 5AM they couldn't wake me up to place the protective heavy apron cover on me. So after a few attempts they just let me sleep and placed the heavy thing on top of me while they did his X-rays. I wouldn't have blamed them if they would have drawn a beard on my face with a sharpie ... They must have thought my slumber was narcotics induced. 💉😈💉

So tonight Dori is having "Guys Night" with Chris at the hospital. They'll bond while watching basketball. I hurried back home to spend a magical mom/son bonding night with Ben and Alex. They missed me so much that they actually waited 5 minutes after I arrived home to ask if they could spend the night at their friend Aidan's house. Ha! 

So now it's just me and my loyal puppy Luna... I'm looking forward to sleeping without any interruptions tonight and look forward to seeing all my bugaboos tomorrow morning! 

Here's a picture of Dori right before he had his bath. 💜 He has a lot more color to his face and a little bit more twinkle in his eye so I'm happy with that. Good night! 

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