Monday, August 10, 2015

Dorian--- The Man. The Myth. The Legend

So happy to report that Dorian is finally home. He was acting all sleepy and didn't want to eat but as soon as we told him in the hospital that he was "going bye bye" he perked right on up and kept asking to go outside. 

Thankfully there was no need to use an ambulance to go back home. He was in a low enough O2 requirement that he could go safely with the use of an O2 cylinder and a rebreather mask. 

Chris has been running around all day like a mad man getting meds, getting groceries, getting final school gear for the boys (since they start on Friday) and only once did I burst into tears out of frustration.

On the other end I've been hassling our nursing agency since last week to give us more skilled nursing hours since his condition was obviously taking a more serious turn.  After many phone calls, many emails, many ALL CAPS texts and the help of Miss Kathy our hospice Coordinator Nurse, we finally have threatened enough people that all is finally on the right track. Now the fun part will be to actually find the nurses that will be working the new hours, but we'll take one adventure at a time.

Here are his perfect little toes resting on the ottoman, his new command center so that everyone in the house can have easy access to him. He truly is happy to be home. He asked to look outside so Chris picked him up and Dori rested his sweet head on his shoulder and looked outside to the backyard for a while and was satisfied. 

Thanks to all who have prayed for Dori and to all our amazing medical staff and Kathy with Community Hospice of Texas for making this transition so great. Dr Gelfand has been such an important player in Team Dorian. He talks to us and asks us for our input like we are all equals-- all with the same intentions to get Dori as cozy and happy as possible. God blessed us when he put him in our path 6 years ago. 

Go Team Dori!! 

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  1. Thanks for all of the updates! I am the music therapist who works with Dorian in his classroom at school. I am so happy to hear that he is still enjoying his music during all of this. He brightens my day every time that I see him - tell him that Ms Michelle (or as he calls me "Pa, pa, pa") is rooting for him!!