Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dorian's special shout outs

Dori just finished Facetiming my sister. He didn't say her name while she was talking to him but as soon as I put him down and turned to talk to Chris, Dori started laughing to himself and saying my sister's name. 

This is what I captured after I started recording ... So cute!  Click on the YouTube video to see 

Aside from Dori keeping us all on our toes, the nice people from Make-a-Wish foundation stopped by to visit. As soon as they walked in the boys were happy since they brought them a new football, a new basketball and a new remote control monster truck for Dori to watch. 

They gathered a lot of information about all the things Dorian loves to grant him a special wish. We named off his special songs, his favorite singer, his favorite food, etc. I'm pretty sure whatever they are able to do with such short notice will make Dorian feel like a total superstar! Ben and Alex also helped give their input like "when we watch sports we can't cheer too loud or else it scares Dori and he starts crying" and "if someone sings for him it can't be a loud band or he'll start crying."  I'm really glad they chimed in for two reasons 1) they took pride in talking about Dorian and remembered little details that make all the difference and 2) Chris and I were so overwhelmed trying to think of what Dori would want that we hadn't thought of little things like that.  

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