Sunday, August 9, 2015

Going home tomorrow

We are happy to getting everything ready for Dori to come home tomorrow. Today we transitioned him off IV fluids and switched him over to a g-tube down his nose for pedialyte fluids to keep him hydrated. He is still enjoying his meals by mouth by spurts. Today he was laughing and wiggling his arms and tapping his feet to the beat of the music. 

Ben and Alex had a busy day so we were in and out of the hospital, Marcia and Viktoria spent time visiting with him while we were gone. Ben had a scrimmage game and I was Alex's date to the Mother Son 6th grade pool party. Everyone was super nice, but it's just really weird answering questions like "how many kids do you have?" and "what grade is your younger son going to be in?" Normally Chris and I always hang out with people that already know all our back story so it was a little adjustment today but I'm thankful that all the kids and moms seem like really good people. 

If Dori is able to be under a 60% O2 requirement then we can take him home in our car, if not we'll take him home in an ambulance. Dori always has been a "go big or go home" type of guy so of course his return home should be similar to a presidential motorcade 😊. 

Tonight I've been face to face with him in his hospital bed so he was trying to scare me saying "BEE!".  He was closing his eyes then opening them real fast like he was launching an ambush attack on me. So when I screamed scared of course he'd start laughing. I got a good pic of him laughing under his mask at me.

We're focusing on having as much fun with him as possible, and Ben and Alex have been very good at giving him lots of kisses and talking to him. Dori always loves it when his brothers talk to him and when they play around him so we know he's enjoying having them around. I'm glad they have 4 more days at home until they start school on Friday so they can spend quality time with him. 

I can't imagine going thru all of this all over again without Chris and without all our close friends and family. There will be plenty of time to say how much this sucks and how sad things will inevitably be so for now we continue to love on Dori, play with Dori and let him eat and scare us as much as he wants. He is so awesome. He is the spunkiest, most stubborn lover boy I'll ever know. 


Sporting his Mickey Mouse gown. Only Dori could give it swagger and he does quite well. 

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  1. Such a cute, sweet boy. I am better for knowing him, his brothers, you, and Chris. Keeping you guys in our thoughts. - Jeff